It’s Time For The Prophets To Grow Up!

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by Wayne Sutton

“But Pastor Wayne”, she cried as I spoke with her, “the prophet told me to step out in faith, that the time is NOW, and I would walk into a millionaire anointing… But instead I can barely pay my bills and I am so hurt and confused Pastor Wayne.”  This precious client is one of many who have left jobs, moved away to foreign lands, and found destruction instead of blessing in their search for their destiny.

I hear and see that pain all too often.

Prophetic cliches and utterances of the flesh that cause “false hope” and birth forth confusion instead of direction, and bring pain instead of healing.

Allow me to ask you a few questions….

Why doesn’t God ever speak, “No, it’s not yet your time. Wait at your job for another 4 years…”

“No, I have not called you to the nations, yet I have called you to your local food pantry to serve my people there…”

“I see your pain, yet my grace is sufficient, and you will not be healed of this pain while upon earth…”

Why don’t we hear those words from God?

Why do the prophetic voices all use the same cliches and word phrases – all the time?

I will give the reasons and prayerfully offer a solution to this chaotic situation.

First, we have too many people wanting to speak a ‘prophetic word’ yet have not been called to the office of a prophet, or have not taken the time to seek and fan into flame (or exercise) their gift under the proper discipleship.  Yes, you can call prophesy, that is biblical.

The key to prophecy is to walk in the gift, properly exercise the gift, and to have the words spoken judged by others.

If you are not willing to have your words judged by others, you are not called to prophesy  – it’s truly that simple.

Every time I minister over someone prophetically I tell them to judge the words that are spoken, to test them, for that is the biblical response to prophecy. Who is your life do you have to judge the words spoken over you, or the words that you speak into the lives of others?

It is time for the church to grow up and mature in this area.

Secondly, we have too many people that prophesy out of emotional zeal, and the prophetic message is tainted by the words of the flesh, and therefore the words that were spoken out of emotion only give birth to emotional responses.

Now, I can also become very excited when the Lord is speaking to someone through prophecy, yet emotions should never sway the release of the word or give false hope through exaggerations or timelines that do are from the flesh.

Emotions are a gift from God, and they will be activated as the anointing flows through a person. Notice the emotions, and understand the Lord will allow emotions to lead a heart, yet mature in how we release so that we release in wisdom.

There is also another great key to maturing in the church, and that is to seek to hear and release the heart of the father, and this includes less attention the person releasing the prophetic word.

Seek not personal attention and praise from man, yet instead seek to release the heart of God as you minister to others.

It is time for the church to grow up and mature.

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Written by Wayne

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  1. I thank God for these words of wisdom i myself am seeking the heart of the Father for the sake of the love of God and his people. You are absolutely right there are those who are operating in the flesh. And it bringing much confusion to the people of God.

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