JAILS TO JOBS Promotes Free and Low-Cost Tattoo Removal Program For Ex-Prisoners To Start Anew And Bring Hope

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(Photo: Oakland Community)

An organization has come up with a practical way for ex-prisoners to get a job and start anew and it’s called Jails to Jobs. The organization was formed because many of the inmates couldn’t get a job for having tattoos which are usually “anti-social” and “gang-related.”

Every year, more than 800,000 thousand inmates are being released from prisons and 22% of them, totalling to 176,000, got tattoos on their bodies. Because of this, several companies do not hire them which is the reason why many of them just get back to their old life and in the end, get imprisoned again.

Mark Drevno, founder and executive director of Jails to Jobs, made a good point by saying, “We see that as many as four out of five previously incarcerated individuals who successfully find a job do not return to prison. Keeping someone out of prison costs much less than sending them back, yet we as a nation, have primarily focused on trying to fix overcrowded prisons.”

Jails to Jobs developed a training program which teaches medical professionals, nonprofit organizations, tattoo artists, correctional facilities and governments on how to make a free or inexpensive tattoo removal program. With this cheaper tattoo removal option, thousands of people can get the fresh start that they need after life in prison.

Jails to Jobs isn’t only for ex-prisoners. They also target victims of human trafficking who were forcely tattooed by syndicates for their gang signs and barcodes.

Mr. Drevno also even told his personal story of hiring a former drug addicted and homeless man as sales rep of his own company. “He turned out to be a very loyal employee and quite good at his job and made me realize that there must be countless people out there who’ve been in prison and just need someone to give them a chance to get their lives back together.”

This is a message of hope for prisoners, and a message of awakening for people who tend to just judge them. An act of kindness and a change of strategy will drive these individuals out to their old life

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Source: Good News Network