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On this powerful episode from, Pastor Wayne delves deep into an enlightening discourse about the very identity of Jesus. Whether you refer to him as Jesus, Yeshua, or Yeshua, it comes down to the intention of your address; the honor you bestow upon Him when uttering His sacred name.

Pastor Wayne, who prays and has performed miracles in the name of Jesus, urges listeners to pursue the revelation of who Jesus truly is – the embodiment of truth. It’s not just about the words He spoke, but the reality He represents. If you’re curious about perfect theology, in Pastor Wayne’s viewpoint, Jesus Himself is the epitome of it.

The episode concludes with a heartfelt prayer, calling on the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and inviting listeners to seek understanding and revelation. Pastor Wayne prays for all listeners to know Jesus beyond preconceptions and misconceptions, to know His essence, His truth. He calls on God and the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus, letting that revelation work its divine influence in their lives.

This compelling episode is more than just words – it is a call to seek and embrace the profound truth that is Jesus. Embrace this journey and share the prayers and revelations from Pastor Wayne. Stay tuned for updates on their new website, The Second Adam, and upcoming YouTube channel by visiting

Written by Wayne

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