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Do you need prophetic guidance? Do you need professional life coaching to guide your walk?

Do you need to receive a prophetic phone counseling session – a timely word for your situation?

Sometimes we all need someone to coach, counsel, and direct us through life’s many situations.

With over 30,000 subscribers to the ministry – we are now offering personal Prophetic Counseling available by appointment!

What is Prophetic Phone Counseling?

Counseling is personal guidance or coaching – providing direction or guidance as to a decision or course of action.

Prophecy is “listening and sharing from the leading of Holy Spirit” – so, Prophetic Counseling is guidance, coaching, and instruction based on a solid foundation of biblical principles and wisdom, as well as actively listening to the guidance of Holy Spirit. Prophetic Counseling is very powerful, personal, and can be a life-changing experience!

You will be speaking to Prophetic Counselor Wayne Sutton personally – Pastor Wayne moves in the seer anointing and has completed his counseling studies with AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors), and is licensed Temperament Therapist with NCCA and has many years of experience in both personal and business counseling and life coaching.

Although we never charge for prayer, we do ask for a donation for the prophetic counseling session. The requested donation is $127.oo for a 55 minute session.

With our busy schedule, and the personal attention this demands, we can only schedule a few appointments per week – so if you would like to participate simply go ahead and make a donation today.

*Monthly partners also qualify for a reduced rate on counseling, see our partnership page.

Written by Wayne

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