Jesus is Almost Here – Extremely Urgent Rapture Warning from the Lord & Rapture Dream/Vision Part-1

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,
I uploaded this video again with 15min as Part-1 and the rest for Part-2. Sorry, I tried to upload this video several times with its length being about 18min but it won’t work. I tried everything possible not to split it but this is how it works apparently. This is Part-1 and I will load the other part-2. I apologize for that. Anyways- This is about time. Yeshua HaMashiach will be here anytime. Please get your relationship right with Him while He is found. We are not promised our next heart beat. I pray that may the Lord bless you abundantly to glorify His mighty name. Amen!!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Yes, set your petty differences aside!! True believers that love truth will not be offended!! For you are not your own, bought with a price, the redeemed blood of Jesus!! Rejoice , praise, lift up your holy hands and shout with joy, he is coming!!! This year does look promising,but even if it's not I will always be watching & awake hence forth, as for me & my family we shall serve the Lord!! A friendly reminder, real BELIEVERS KNOW THAT WE DONT ASK FOR WHATS ALREADY BEEN Given, WE SIMPLY RECEIVE IT, THIS SIDE OF THE FINISHED CROSS Work OF JESUS: complete in him, his righteousness, all trespasses forgiven, justified, walking sanctified daily!!! Not imputing my sins against me, MY FAITH IS COUNTED AS RIGHTEOUSNESS, THAT JUSTIFIETH EVEN THE UNGODLY!! Having peace with God I do rest in him waiting patiently for the redemption of my body, I will know him soon face to his great grace I stand fully persuaded, like Abraham. So stop confessing & start professing all that hath been given

  2. Lol! Thank you brother for the laugh about your drawing. I need to laugh more during these stressful times. Anyway, I appreciate you sharing your dreams. Amazing. Jesus is coming!!! I can't wait! It's great to be able to have joy at times like these. God bless you.

  3. thanks to the most high for telling you to put this vid up, gave me conformation brother. should check out my rapture dream yesterday morning. shalom (peace) my brother

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