Jesus the Vulnerable – prophetic article

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Throughout His ministry, Jesus constantly dealt with people never really seeing Him for who He was. But, He didn’t let it stop Him! Jesus remained focused on the Father’s will. What joy He must have felt when people could see Him for who He really was and He could touch and heal them.

Jesus was so transparent, so vulnerable. He would talk to anyone, everyone; even those society considered to be screw ups and outcasts. Jesus was real; even with people who many wouldn’t dare be vulnerable to. If we can learn to live the same way, others will see the Jesus in us, and this is a must. We must cross over! Can you be so willing to be so transformed and vulnerable that people can see the beautiful reflection of Jesus in you; that people can see how God has touched you and made Himself known to you? Can you share your life with the world like Jesus did? While certain situations may require some wisdom, for the most part, vulnerability is the path.

Choosing to be vulnerable keeps your soul alive. I used to despise the thought of being so vulnerable. I had experienced so much pain and trauma, the idea of it was not even remotely appealing to me. But over and over again, Jesus would remind me that vulnerability is power. When I lived in a state of protecting myself, I was not vulnerable and it numbed every other emotion in me as a result.

If you want to reach people, like Jesus, vulnerability is the path. We must “get real.” The more you share, the more others share, and the power of God will invade their lives.

Written by Wayne

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Jesus the Vulnerable

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