Jesus Training His People Vision 56: God’s Warning to Those Rallying for His Second Coming

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Today is December 21, 2014. It is day 33 of my 40 days fast

Written by Wayne

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  1. Jezebel was first woman in bible to wear make-up.

    No uncleanness shall pass the Lord. People nowadays, both men and women pray to God, wanting to have close relationship with Him, but they cannot go near, because of their dressing. Both heart and dressing must be holy and simple.

    Fashionable clothes, cologne, tattoos, earings, makeup, these are of the flesh.


  2. What makes a garment spotless before the Lord? I adore my Abba father God…and the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ…I lost everything and my whole family right before I was baptized with the fire and holy spirit…I know I am saved…but I get this feeling I need to break my mind free of depending on Jesus only…and not humor or depend of anything of this world…like he wants me to get off my prescribed medicine …and he wants me to get physically ..mentally and financially stronger meaning GET OUT OF DEBT….I feel to prepare for all things but be ready for his coming Also…does this video mean do not listen to people who preach the pretrib rapture and do not put all your hope into that and just let his will be done …and not ours? 

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