Jesus Vision

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What did Jesus look like during an encounter with Him?

Written by Wayne

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    Sorry you feel that way. We can agree to disagree–I was a much worse skeptic than you can imagine-so much so-that I wrote in my first book that people who claim to have seen Jesus were nuts! JUST before publishing my book-Jesus allowed me time for a re-write, because I saw Him just prior to publishing that book. So, you can call me a converted skeptic-and am proud to have come this far and hope others will, too.

  2. I am also a Christian,but i do not attend religious facilities. I am not against religious infrastructure, I personally believe that the most direct route to GOD is through his Son(Jesus). People argue that religion is man-made…well , the fact is….Jesus Walked! Call it what you want it, but it is a Historical fact that he walked. Take a moment in your personal space and pray……and cry ….and pray some more. We must be special , so special that God sent his only begotten Son. 

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