Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Word to Netanyahu, David’s Tabernacle and the Temple Mount

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Amazing revealing by Jonathan Cahn after the beginning of the warfare around the Temple Mount on Elul 29/September 13th: A prophetic word was given to Benjamin Netanyahu years ago that he would be back to power for the restoration of the tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11.
So what is the tabernacle of David? Jonathan Cahn explains it and shows how there is a connection to the church and to the Temple Mount which will once be the throne of Messiah…

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  1. Most Latin Americans descend from Jews from the diaspora and from those that were Christians from the 1st century on. The Americas (North, South and Central) are like the arc of Noah for Jews. Now most of these descendants of Jews are Christians and part of the Body of Christ to be gathered/integrated into the suckkot/succot.

    Anyone who espouses the "Arab cause" has been brainwashed by the Liberal media into "believing a LIE."
    That LIE is that the "Palestinians" MUST be given their own state, or peace will never come to the Middle East.
    People forget that the "Palestinians" were EXPELLED from Jordan, for trying to overthrow the government. And that they destroyed the prosperous nation of Lebanon, converting it into a camp for terrorism. SUPPORT ISRAEL ! FIGHT THE ARABS !

  3. i am crying….you say a lot of false words…..the Temple of God is your heart!!!!!! Jesus gave you new teaching,,, obamaistheanticristandyoudon'tknowthisthatswhyyourrabbiisntreadyfortheend

  4. This is not my idea but I have read that the next temple could be raised up overnight by erecting a tent as in the wilderness. Think about it, the Third Temple could be a tent and the Jews could be making the daily sacrifice almost immediately.

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