Joyce Meyers on How to Totally Restore Your Life

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Writing for Charisma News this week, Joyce Meyers had some powerful words about how to completely restore your life in Christ.

As a survivor of abuse, she has experienced first-hand the kind of restoration that can be found in Christ, but, as she shares, there are certain steps we need to take to realize this.

“I remember when I desperately needed to recover from the abuse in my past,” she begins. “I had thought that when I was old enough to leave home, I would leave the pain behind, but the problem was in my soul—my thinking and emotions. I needed healing and restoration so I wouldn’t continue to be poisoned by things that had happened to me all those years growing up.”

She speaks of how she learned that her healing had to begin by letting the Holy Spirit into her life to restore her from the inside out.

She cites Isaiah 61:7 (AMP) which reads, “Instead of your [former] shame you will have a double portion; and instead of humiliation your people will shout for joy over their portion. Therefore in their land they will possess double [what they had forfeited]; everlasting joy will be theirs.”

She elaborates upon how our own heart and attitude towards the pain we have gone through can sometimes inhibit us from restoration, and that we need to address the deepest wounds in our soul.

“Notice the phrase ‘instead of your former shame,'” she explains. “Do you know what it’s like to have shame in your life? I had a shame-based nature for many years because of the abuse I experienced from my father. It made me feel like something must be wrong with me for him to do the things he had done to me.”

She uses a very clever analogy to explain the way we can be restored in Christ.

“Think about it like this,” she says. “When a person restores a used-up, beat-up piece of furniture, the first thing they do is strip off the old layers of paint or varnish. We all have things that need to be stripped away in our lives. Maybe it’s old attitudes and mindsets that don’t line up with the way God thinks and acts…or unhealthy relationships that are holding you back from God’s purpose and plans for you.”

She then explains how restoring old furniture is a process, first, there is the stripping away of old things, likened to how we need to strip away the old things in our life that have caused us pain and hurt, such as toxic influences or abusers. Then, there is the sanding process, which she compares to people who rub us the wrong way but that God uses these people to refine us.

Just like furniture, we need to be polished and kept up from time to time as well. Our walk with Christ is a lifelong journey, she explains, and through it, we grow closer to Him and more like Him over time.

“Wherever you are in the restoration process, I want to encourage you to set your mind today that God is healing you, and stay focused on following the leadership of the Holy Spirit,” she concludes. “Trust God to lead you in the way that’s right for you, bringing you to wholeness in Christ in every area of your life!”

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