Judge Ties Trump Trial Date to Super Tuesday, Even Biden Supporters Call It Election Interference

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The date has been set for President Trump’s D.C. trial on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election. The judge scheduled the trial date to begin March 4, 2024, the day before the biggest political primary day of the presidential calendar.

Trump lawyers wanted the trial in April of 2026, saying it was necessary to deal with the huge volume of evidence they’re reviewing for what they call an unprecedented prosecution.

But the judge denied the request, setting the trial date just one day before the widely-watched Super Tuesday primary. 

The judge in the case, Tanya Chutkan, is an Obama appointee, known for issuing tough jail sentences for all 38 of the January 6 rioters whom she has punished.

“If this date holds, it would mean that the Washington case would be the first of the four criminal cases against Trump to reach trial. It would also come one day before Super Tuesday, which is a crucial date in the presidential nominating calendar because of the huge number of delegates that are up for grabs,” Associated Press political analyst Eric Tucker said.

Many Trump supporters have argued that the legal cases essentially are political, being set in the middle of the presidential primaries. And a new poll for Newsweek finds that a majority of Democratic voters who backed President Joe Biden in 2020 think the investigations and criminal indictments against Trump constitute “an interference in the 2024 presidential election”.

The Newsweek poll shows 58 percent of 2020 Biden voters believe the charges are interference, compared to 27 percent who disagreed.

Overall, 59 percent of Americans think the four cases constitute interference versus 19 percent who disagreed.
The poll also found that 57 percent believe Trump will be found guilty and imprisoned on at least one of the four indictments.

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