Julie Price: ~A Word From His Heart For You: His Glory Is Calling You~

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We hang on every word You speak.
We come before You hungry, humble, and meek.

The Ancient of Days, has opened ancient doors.
Grab hold of the keys and receive from God’s heavenly store.

A new day, a new season.
We sense it some, but are yet to know all the reasons.

He comes with Spirit.  He comes with fire.
He’s coming to fulfill within you His desires.

He comes to establish, and He comes to tear down.
He calls you to destiny; to wear your royal crown.

Creation has watched and eagerly awaited.
For this time and season has been long anticipated.

You need to align, to cooperate, and prepare.
It’s yours for the taking, but not if you just sit there.

Seek and you will find. This relationship takes two.

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