Julie Price: A Word From The Lord ~ I Want To Raise You Up!

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The Lord is with you mighty warriors!  I am with you! 

I call you to rise up this day in Spirit and in Truth.  I go before you, and I make a way for you!  I am calling My body, My bride, to rise up! Raise your voice!  Cry out to Me, the one true God!  Rise up church! Today I call you out!  Today I call you forth! Be the voice!  Be My voice!

Behold!  I am indeed doing a new thing.  Will you not perceive it?  Awaken to your destiny church; as a body, and as the unique individual that I have created you to be.  For indeed this is earth’s finest hour, and today I say it shall no more be church as usual, but church in a whole new way.

Do not condemn or look back at what once …