July 3, Vision from Jesus, Tsunami! Asteroid!

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The END TIMES are COMING! Are YOU PREPARED? ~ Prophet Efrain Rodríguez 2015


Written by Wayne

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  1. WOW .. Im shaking my head… I just had a dream this morning before awaking about talking to a friend of mine in the dream.. I said a tsunami is coming! she said a summeri she couldn't pronounce the word.. I said yes a tsunami this summer! then I woke up!
    Holy spirit told me this 11/2 ago Isaiah 28:16-22  a plumbline which would be a judgments by water..Tsunami.. just last Friday he reminded me of this through a sign I walk pass it read" HOLD ON with a family in a water raft.. with that said it must be Close!!
    I don't know everything  for sure about Efrain but I read his words, it seems delayed but not denied

  2. Hi Reboot70,
    I had a dream that I placed on your engagement video, that seems important and I have another to share here.  Dream:  I was at an old Mansion with a long escalator that ended at the bottom into an indoor swimming pool.  Donald Trump was at the top and he dove from the top of the escalator, safely and happily into the pool.  Then other people began taking this long jump and happily survived as well.  When it got to me, I was unsure, so I went and found my younger brother by his van and asked him if he had a safe jump into the pool and what was the best way to do it and he said"dive".  I went to the top and as I was about to take the dive, I saw at the bottom that the water was all gone and what was left was a pile of red bricks.  End of dream…………..thank you, and God Bless you

  3. I had a tsunami dream last year, then a dream about that dream after I went back to sleep:
    7-14-14 –
    Dream 1 –
    Early morning I had a dream that I was with other people outside. I was facing them and they were all facing me. I suddenly saw the look of terror on their faces as they looked up behind me. I turned around and a HUGE TSUNAMI . . . 11 stories high was near and about to crash down upon us. I had a moment to glance up only, but then leaned in to the rocky, cliff, like area I was near and started praying/praising. The tsunami was at my back at that moment. . . . I looked up . . still with the tsunami at my back and crashing above me, but there was an area of protection that I knew was the LORD. He did not allow the waves/water to touch me at all and I could continue to see up to the blue sky in that spot, where no water/waves was allowed to go. . . it went completely around my little area.
    The next moment I was aware people were getting ready to have a funeral for me because they thought I had died in the tsunami. I was on top of the cliff and in the backseat of a car and stepped out yelling: "I am alive . . . I am alive". The people were astonished.
    I woke up.


    I went back to sleep after a while, then had another dream:

    In this dream I was in a classroom/church setting, where Mike Bickel was the pastor. I sat in the back, but it was also near the door. I "knew" he was bored. He headed my way (it was before the service started). I asked him: "you are bored, aren't you?" He said "yes". I said, why don't you have some people share their testimonies like they used to do years ago.
    This next part is a bit fuzzy, but it was something to do about testimonies relating to protection from muslims. Mike did not want to do that, because he was concerned it might offend somebody.
    What he did was ask people to write down what the LORD was showing them.

    I wrote about my Tsunami dream (above) and then put a star to the left of it and wrote "CRITICAL" near it. I had several other things I wrote, but this dream was important.

    The scene changed and it was time to go. I went outside to get my bicycle, that had a basket on the front of it (I would put my notes and books in it). Suddenly a man came up to me and showed me this cart-like thing that would attach to the back of my bike (not very large, but it was bigger than my basket, could hold more and I would be pulling it behind me. That man (I couldn't see his face, nor did I know who he was). Added things that looked like large washers to 5 things that were sticking up in the basket. He said: "don't change the way it looks" . . . and again he said "don't change the way it looks".

    I woke up.


  4. Reboot70: I like what you said about the dream and I agree with you that now is the time to dive into God's way before it is too late. Get off the fence.  To add to that, I was also thinking, Donald Trump is a pro-life candidate for president and he supports capitalism, but it will be too late,because what is coming is the BRICS one world currency and it's coming hard and fast and it will try and replace God's Holy flowing mercy.

  5. Hi,

    I know we have not met but we all have to band together, to
    get the Media and churches aware of what the LORD is saying about this coming
    disaster, the massive Tsunami on the East coast of the USA. The LORD showed me
    many years ago this was going to happen but I did not know what my dream meant
    until a few days ago. When viewing the 100 of similar stories online. When the
    LORD gives a warning it is our job to save as many as we can, this now involves
    more action than just sharing on YouTube.  I am an Australian, but have been trying to
    contact radio stations in Florida, to get the world’s attention on the LORD’s
    soon return, and it’s start with this massive wave.

    Please I ask you if you start using email to contact all the
    radio station and TV in Florida especially and the East coast and social media to
    share your stories, and tell them what he showed you, don’t be ashamed or
    afraid. I know many of you are wounded, and may have doubts about the validity
    of it all. But I believe you are correct it will occur and we need to sound the
    trumpet together. Could you please email me any radio station you contact or TV
    joint, so I can send my dreams too. They may not believe one man but they may
    believe many.

    My email is
    send me a list of any radio station, TV, churches, you contact so I can send
    them the my visions too. I will put up on a website a list of people that each
    of you contact. The web page that I will put the radio stations and TV station
    on is

    In short I believe there are a few things going to happen.

    The Tsunami. A war between the USA and Russia, where the USA
    is invaded. The introduction of a computer chip by Obama to be put in our hands
    or forehead, which none of us should take. The introduction of a new world
    religion, which in 100% not of God. There will be persecution then Jesus will
    return. Anyone not found written in the book of life, without genuine faith
    will not make it to heaven, only the obedient. Don’t love your life even to the
    point of death.

    But let’s start with Just the east coast and Florida,
    warning of the coming wave.

    I hope like heaven that they believe us.

    Robert Palmer

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