July 4, Vision from Jesus, A new penny

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Disclaimer : I own nothing. I am using the images under the ” Fair Use ” portion of the US copyright law. Educational purposes only. Economic collapse is in the Bible, in James 5:1-5, and Revelation 6:6, a measure of wheat for a penny, three measures of barley for a penny, hurt not the oil and the wine.

Written by Wayne

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  1. You would to better to horde faith and stock up on Godly knowledge & wisdom.
    Where is your faith? Do ye not Trust GOD?
    If you can not ride the Bull at the Rodeo stay out of the way, watch from the bleachers,
    EL O EL

  2. Jesus himself suffered tribulation and the bible says the saints will suffer tribulation. so why do so many think they won't? (referring to first commentor)? anyway, the Holy Spirit has been telling me to stock up for yrs. I have enough to feed my family and others for a few months. I also stocked up on seeds. thank you for the affirmation. God bless you sister.

  3. "New penny" is also a term used in the UK to denote the coin created when they restructured the pound. New penny is 1/100th of a pound vs old penny 1/12th of a shilling and 20 shillings made a pound or 1/240. Either way it means a change in money. You are right about the cost of food in the future but as the world economy crumbles don't be surprised if the dollar gets much stronger relative to other currencies before it fails. I had a vision a couple months ago of a stack of stored food in my garage but it was clear from what was in it that it wasn't for my own use. Half of it was cooking oil and there were cases of canned tomatoes, not what I would have for my own use. I interpreted it as a supply for my church. We don't know when we will need this food and it does go bad in time. I understood the vision to mean the church had stocked up on food stored in members' homes and it was being rotated into food bank donations. This is a way for a community to store a good deal of food and contribute to the needy in an ongoing basis. I haven't seen any interest (yet) in the idea here but maybe someone else can implement it. Blessings.

  4. Can you please tell me what my dream means? A lady tells me that Jesus told
    Her on Monday we wake up from our graves what does this mean? It's a fuzzy dream so I can only remember so much. Thanks

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