Kirk Cameron Launches ‘See You at the Library 2024’ to Champion Biblical Values

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Author and speaker Kirk Cameron is partnering with publisher Brave Books for a second-annual “See You at the Library” story hour that he says will promote faith, love, and patriotism and — he hopes — double the size of last year’s event. Last August, participants in the inaugural See You at the Library event gathered at more than 300 libraries across the U.S. for what Braves Books calls a “wholesome story hour” that celebrates a “return to American, Constitutional and Biblical values” with the reading of children’s books. 

This year, on Aug. 24, Cameron hopes to see children and parents gathered at upwards of 600 libraries. Information on hosting or attending a See You at the Library 2024 story hour is available at

The movement originated as Cameron’s response to numerous “drag queen story hour” events.

“There is no time to waste when it comes to teaching our children what’s important,” Cameron told Fox News Digital. “I think we’re in the position that we’re in now as a nation due to the failure of good people to teach their children what is important. And sadly, we’ve believed the propaganda and the lie that others are better equipped to teach our children what’s important, like public schools or even youth pastors at churches.”

The “most sacred duty” of any parent or grandparent is “to teach your children what is important, love God with all their hearts, and care for others. And that doesn’t mean waving a pride flag. Love- the supreme and superlative virtue- has always been opposed to pride.”

“Love embraces humility, he said. “Love speaks out against sin courageously. Love never bows to the crooked and perverse winds of a culture that seeks to enslave your children and take away their future.”

See You at the Library was born after Cameron was denied by dozens of libraries the opportunity to read his book, As You Grow, as part of a story hour. Eventually, the libraries relented, and Brave Books launched See You at the Library, a nationwide event involving thousands of participants. 

“Let’s be about love. And let’s teach our children the true meaning of love. And that’s what our movement and the See You at the Library Day is all about this summer, Cameron said. 

He acknowledged that “we’ve received a lot of pushback, particularly from the deep blue cities that seek to silence wholesome, traditional American constitutional, biblical values.”

But “we were supported by thousands and thousands of families all across the country as we visited these public libraries and read stories about faith, hope and love and humility and warned about cancel culture and socialism, he told Fox News Digital. “… We are calling on families all across the nation to double what we did last year. We want to see over 500 libraries, 600 libraries, in all 50 states and tens of thousands of people gathering to say that we want to return to the American constitutional and biblical values in public libraries.”

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