Latest Vision and Dream of Jesus Rapture Coming, Real Key Answers

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The Best explanation for the Book of Revelation.

Written by Wayne

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  1. 1 corinthians 14:34 deals with the times Paul lived in. He had trouble with many startup churches teaching ideas contrary to the Gospel. He realized there had to be a way to bring these churches together. It was in fact a give and take situation. Many Christians including women knew they were free in Christ, but it was necessary to continue in these traditions in order to not offend, thereby creating an atmosphere so a person may hear the Word and not be offended and turn away by what they saw. These women graciously relented their new freedom in Christ so non believers would not be distracted and hear the Good News.

  2. Somebody needs to get on (or back on) some anti-psychotic medication!  Sadly, some people will actually buy her 'book'.  I bet they'll get lots of solid, data backed information that describes the "red planet" (@12:30) that is approaching earth. Plus the earth has "4 poles" that are getting ready to flip? Whew…man.  And of course, what does all this mean?!?  It means…wait for it:   JESUS is coming back!  Like a Led Zeppelin reunion world tour, baby!  Except he'll wipe out the planet!  Yah! It'll be great!!! You revelation nuts are, well….nuts. Never ceases to amaze me how many times you listen to people that say "the end of the world will happen on day X", then that day passes like every other, and yet it doesn't faze or bother you at all. It's as if logic and reason and sanity is completely pointless to you guys.

  3. The reason people were not "getting It" is because the prophecies are being made more understandable as we get closer to the end times.   For instance:  Daniel 12:4 But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge."   God is telling Daniel to roll up the scroll because what was revealed to him was not meant for his generation.  Also,  increase in knowledge & going here & there,  our advanced technology & modes of transportation available to us now.    In the book of Revelation we are told that the whole world is watching the two witnesses, that is only possible with our technology.

  4. may God bless you.  I did not receive anything, please be more clear.  Are you just tryng to sell your book?  I was very interested to hear your dreams, Sorry, may God bless you and use us all at these times.

  5. this video says nothing but what you feel …I love and beleive it's coming g soon but everything g we wanna hear you say it's in your book stop trying to make money off of jesus

  6. Rev. Rose please call me I just received your book everything is true I have a question about fasting, miracles and the new moon please call me 956-434-1626 Mon-Fri 4-11pm
    weekends anytime

Vision.Jesus of Nazareth appeared &said.It’s been long is finished

Vision of Jesus Stepping into a Prophet to Prophecy and a Dove Upon His Head