Like A Warm Blanket – by Karen Huffaker

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“The Lord has heard my supplication, the Lord receives my prayer.” (Psalm 6:9 NASB)

For several months of the year blankets are draped over different chairs, rockers and sofas. When cooler weather first sets in, they come out of the closet. I’m cold natured so it’s nice to have a warm blanket within arm’s reach to wrap around me for comfort. And it’s usually accompanied by a cup of hot tea preferably with spices.

There’s also great comfort in knowing God hears me and hears my prayers. He stands ready to receive all the prayers I lift up to Him. My prayers don’t fall on deaf ears. I can have confidence whether I whisper or cry out loud, he hears. Even if my voice is not audible, he receives my prayers.

In fact He knows my very thoughts. So he knows about my heart’s cry and heart’s desires before I even utter a word. He is Holy God! He knows all things.

I have full assurance of His love and care, and can stand on His promises. The scriptures are filled with prayers lifted up by kings, priests, prophets and God’s people. And we see how God moved in those situations. We gain confidence and strength through reading these amazing stories.

I trust in the Lord and have confidence that He knows everything about me. God cares about the smallest of details of my life. I trust that He hears my supplications. I trust that He receives my prayers. And I trust that He will answer my prayers in His perfect way and perfect timing.

What comfort this brings to me to know that someone knows me like that. Someone who is always available to me. Someone who cares so much, and that my heart can snuggle up with like a warm blanket.

We search most of our lives for someone like that. I have found someone like that in God the Father. Have you?

By Karen Huffaker
Used by Permission

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