Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack & Gary Luecke – March 28th, 2017

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Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack & Gary Luecke
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Why do men have nipples? What gender is God? Who did Adam and Eve’s kids marry? Watch this recent Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack and find out!

Written by Wayne

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  1. Animals were created before man and many males have nipples so I think this may not be true as Andrew says. Second Andrew! You missed a great illustration of animals talking by not referring to Balaam's conversation with the donkey! Thank you. I love your teaching! I surf a LOT and you are the soundest one out there!

  2. Andrew sure has guts- to say all this stuff about men being stronger is no small feat today… But this is awesome.. someone needs to say the truth.. it really blesses me! Thank you AWMI team for arranging all this and making it work.. God bless ya. ?

  3. It is very simple, in Genesis 1 God gives an outline of what he has done. In Genesis 2 He goes into a little detail about how he did it but does not give time frames. He had everything that man needed to live ready for him before he made him. The earth had been going on for a long time with everything growing and reproducing ..plants and animals before Adam. It says God brought the animals to him for him to name. Brought not made right then and yes it took a long time for him to name them all …years maybe. Love this bible study !! So needed , Thank you !

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