Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack – March 21st, 2017

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Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack
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Written by Wayne

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  1. How can you convince an Athiest of God's reality, i'm concerned bout my second born daughter who's become athiest a few years ago before she was married, i think she is mad at God cause of the death of her good friend or the death of her mothers mother at age 71 due to cancer, and one year to the date later my mom passed away age 87 so seeing that the things i've tried to teach her since she was just a small child of bout 4 i was teaching them bible stuff i knew and praying with them leading them to Jesus as we were watching a TBN broadcast of i can't remember which program. I was the absent father i did not see my kids much as i was working two jobs and did not get much time free to travel to go see them they lived 140 miles from where i lived in south Twin cities Minnesota Bloomington. I worked two jobs as i said and i wore my self out burned myself out to the point that i developed siezures in 90 91 in sept 92 suffered from a bad siezure, and all the things that happened there after have left me disabled and unable to keep a job, i'm to weak in my body dispite trying to walk and exercise taking lots of nutritional suplements so my testimony to my children was affected to that point that God just doesn't heal today or that he doesn't heal everybody , people have issues with some faith teachings, Word of Faith was what i spent the majority of my christian live learning on and my brother Ray who's 5 years my younger is member of Living Word Christian Center where you have preached at Mac and Lynn Hammond are pastors, I've been to this church a few times enjoyed their worship and have never experienced anything like it since, back to my question as to how can i convince my daughter God is real and loves her dispite what she is so adamant bout , her husband of 1 .5 years is also athiest and she has a 13 year old daughter Ally who's father lives in Iowa, this was from previous relationship when she was attending College in Iowa, She lives here in Little Falls but i do not know her address they moved and she has been avoiding me ever since July 25 2015 anytime i called her she was too busy going to school she has two associate degrees in the medical feild spent 6 years in college and now is working in a hospital in Brainerd MN 30 miles north of Little Falls and her husband Steve works as a school teacher south in St Cloud 30 miles south. they chose to stay in little falls because of Her daughter Ally who's 13 in midle school and all her friends are here, she is a beautiful blond blue eyed girl who's going to be quite tall like her mom who is like 6'1" thank you for your advice on how i can win my daughters back, we have not seen each other hardly at all in over 10 years, just the one time when she got married, and i have a 6 year old grandaughter by my first born Sarah who lives far away in south Bloomington MN. Emma is her daughter and her dad lives in Provo Utah , so she goes to see him in summer and spends summers with him i'm apposed to this but i have no say in this matter, My daughter Sarah is born again this past year an answer to my hard praying for years, God has mercy on his children. i'm thankful for his grace to her. now she has to deal with so much stress and problems i her life working two jobs 7 days a week and little time for her daughter, she does still go to church in Edina Mn on sunday morning but she has to work right after so Emma spends most of her time with either day care or in school she is in kindergarten, thank you Andrew I do enjoy your stories and teaching. I wish i could meet you face to face. and thank you for your life and witness to us all. thank you for your bible study I missed it as i'm in central time. and i go to bed early and am not aware of the right time your on. God bless you

  2. The only critique I have of these Bible studies is the hosts talk too much which prevents the answering of questions. Sometimes only 3 or 4 questions are answered and the majority is ignored. Please make more time for questions, it will help so many believers. Thanks in advanced.

  3. Andrew i think your on point, but if i may ask you were is it in the bible Jesus walked with the disciples for three and a half years? I just can't find it any were.

  4. How do I pray for someone who does not even know or believe that something is wrong with him to be delivered? I have a brother in Africa that was doing very well and was planning to register for Charis College. According to what I was told, the wife is in some kind of demonic or Jezebel spirit did something. Now, my brother is not himself, nor does he even want to plan to come for the ministry school as planned. This wife of his, was bragging to people that my brother will never leave for the ministry or anything. My brother on the other hand, is behaving so wired and his statement does not even make sense. He belief every lies this woman told him and ready to hurt anybody that even try to tell him the truth. He even slapped his senior sister and broke her knee, when she was trying to prevent him from hurting himself during one of his violent behavior. This lady did so much that I cannot listed here. To the point that my elder father went to her family to send her back to her family, to give our family time to take our brother somewhere for help. This women still forced himself to my brother's apartment. My concern and question is, how do we pray for our brother's deliverance, when he does not even think or believe that something is wrong with him? He keep saying that He is an apostle and there is nothing wrong with him. Since he is a believer before these issues was noticed. For some reason, his behavior from what I notice, look like He truly did not know that his behavior and what is in his mind is not the same. In his mind, he keep reminding me that he is the same brother I use to pray with over the phone, meaning that he is Apostle. But, he will lie, or frame something to get money whenever this woman ordered him that she need money. If he noticed that you know what he is doing. He gets very arrogant, and demand that you call him Apostle frank, MY WIFE, MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE, YOU GUYS WANT ME TO LEAVE MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE… He keep talking, talking, that you do not even have a space to say anything. Etc You wonder where did my wife or all these talks is coming from. I need advise and direction on how to pray for him. Thanks. Rita

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