Live Bible Study with Andrew Wommack – Post Election

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Written by Wayne

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  1. Hello everyone, very glad for the bible study and for this particular topic of post election that needed to be addressed indeed. I usually do not comment online in general, much less when it comes to politic, ( though with a Christian perspective here) I think it's about time that I get involved. And no better opportunity than here with one of; if not my favorite ministry.
    I was particularly touched by one theme after watching this episode. It seems to me that 1 Timothy 2 applies only when the person or people in authority is acceptable to the people who are in favor of the one(s) in authority. Nowhere have I seen this more at play than among us Christians. The elections have not gone the way I would have liked but then I'm not disappointed either, as I have otherwise always been an admirer of the President elect (except for his electoral divisive rhetoric). Even more my hope is from above. I also want to say if needed that I'm clearly a supporter of the current administration even though I do not agree with all its policies or views regarding abortion and marriage…And no, not because he is black ( since in this world we can't seem to get pass the color of our skin; another perversion that is infecting even the people of God;…in His great wisdom our Heavenly Father has mixed races to help us get out of our ignorance; still in our wisdom we manage to determine what's someone's race…a closer look will reveal the evil behind that conclusion)…getting back in topic, I have yet to hear my conservatives friends brothers and sisters invite to pray for the current administration, much less reach out to it. Assuming that things have not gone well for people in the US (which I do not agree with…One has to live in any other poor parts of the world, which I have; to appreciate what this country has) could it be that it's because us Christians in this country have mostly been about complaining and criticizing ( to be kind to my fellow brothers and sisters) and worst? Did not Jesus instruct us to pray for our enemies (assuming the current administration is such)? It's as if the people in it (the government) in general) and its leader(s) in particular are beyond hope (at least listening to all the brouhaha among conservatives…Yes I'm a liberal Christian (if there's such a thing)…And no I do not support abortion or the new definition of marriage; but then I do no think any laws can change the heart of the people). Let's pray for those in authority as we have been instructed; and reach out with the gospel regardless of whether or not they look like us, or belong or do not belong to our political affiliation. Even among us there's not complete agreement, as these words have clearly hinted. Still, let's be the cantor of civility and build bridges versus tearing others and build walls because they do not look like us or live up to our man-made idiosyncrasies. One of the reasons the world in general; and this country in particular is in darkness, is because we who have (and are ) the light don't know who we have (Jesus the Light of the world) nor who we are in Christ. We still don't know the gospel, the good news. Most of us condemn the world when Jesus Himself loved the world. It's no wonder as we listen to the news (liberal and even worst conservative…yes I'm partial 🙂
    Thank God for the Andrew Wommack Ministry and its partners who are doing their part to the best of their knowledge and ability. All too often we forget the power of our words. We have an enemy who just loves it. Let's remember what we've been called for, and who we are: Ministers of reconciliation, ambassadors of peace; our citizenship is the Kingdom not any nation of the earth. or did I read wrong?
    Looking forward to the next bible study. God bless!

  2. I love, Love this topic. I also like when Andrew said, "Ten spies network." We as Christians need to believe the word of God. Media can truly destroy a nation all because of power and money. I don't even listen to the news like Andrew said, " we would hear about it the next day." Thank you Andrew for speaking the truth.

  3. Eyes have been truly opened up to the media this election. That's why Mr. Trump uses Twitter, he bypasses them and talks directly. It was a great result and I believe it was because we really prayed. I am in UK and have been praying for Donald since
    last year, and still continue to do so.

  4. I love Donald Trump! He might not be perfect, but neither was David, the Apostle Paul…etc (and neither are any of us perfect!)…and yet these men ended up being great men of God. I have a heart for Donald Trump and see a strong man, a strong leader in him. He has only recently accepted Jesus Christ. He needs our prayers that God will guide him in Wisdom and Knowledge in how to lead our country. I believe this man truly loves our country…and with God's help, he will do what is best for it, for us.

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