My Vision of Jesus

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At age 13 I had a spectacular vision of Jesus in the middle of the night, and this video describes my vision

Written by Wayne

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  1. My mother died for a couple of hours in the late 80's and said she saw jesus…all she could see where his feet and his robe…she said his face was so unbelievably bright that she could not look anywhere near it. He told her it was not her time and that she was still needed on earth to spread the word. She goes out and conducts evangelism with a team in the are surrounding our church EVERY sunday. He said that he was coming soon, very soon. I think I'd be scared if I ever had that enounter

  2. I KNOW YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH! I too have been having visions! I can speek a diffrent laguage and understand it during my visions (mind you , i can only speek and understand english in my "Awake state") I recently wrote down this srange language (a message) given to me! I looked the translation up,as i was curious…and it is translated into englsh ,as saying: You will be favored in Heaven! Blessings!!!!

  3. A wonderful dream sir, i had a strange dream last night. I was a spirit, and i was crying while praying, and asked for some angels to look after me. Then, several angels appeared in the clouds and one of the angels came up to me, and gave me his white, silver cloak.

  4. @SuperHotpinkzebra You bring up an interesting point. I received the holy ghost speaking in tongues and prophesying almost 20 years ago one night in my apartment. It seems to me there are two types of people in the church. There are believers and there are believers who are filled with the Holy Ghost. It is my guess (but I'm not sure) that all true believers will be saved. Will believers without the Holy Ghost be saved? What are your thoughts? Thanks.

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