My Vision of the Return of Jesus Christ

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Shelia writes:

This video was made at the request of many people to whom I sent the written message over the past several months. I try to send this message to 50-100 people a week randomly. I have prayed that God will lead me to send this to those who need it most and that they would be able to discern the truth in it. I don’t believe in accidents, if you received it, it was intended so. People wonder what reason I have for sending it to them in particular. Many are going through things in their lives now that make them question, make them hungry for something tangible in this crazy time we live. People need something real to believe in now, when everything is totally not what it seems. Jesus is that Reality.

I would like to clarify that what I had was not a dream. I was tired, but I never went to sleep. What I had was a wide awake, full-on, full color, dimentional vision of the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise His Name.

I hope you will be blessed by this message and that you will share it with everyone you know. God Bless and Keep each of you.


Written by Wayne

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this message from God. I believe it to be the truth. When I was 18, a very young Navy wife and pregnant I also had an experience with a Southern Baptist wife. All I can say is the woman was praying over me, speaking in tongues with occasional English words saying he's coming, he is coming soon. From then on, I always felt Jesus was coming back soon. I began later in that year reading about the Bible since being raised in the Catholic Church this was never spoke of. Through the years since, the signs began happening faster since about 2000. Blessings come from Jesus in many subtle ways . God bless you.

  2. I was brought here by a beautiful prayer you wrote on a political site.  I am so glad you found Him and while I have always been skeptical about visions, the very verse you quote is the same one I used to explain or rationalize to myself the prophetic dreams I had as a child. (Your old men will dream dreams your young men will see visions). As a child, I thought that meant when I become old, He will return.  So I am certainly open to the idea that what you experienced was a vision. I would dream things before they happened but it would always be symbolic like the Bible is. One dream was that my Uncle died and the next day he did die. In the dream I was a child and everyone was wearing birthday hats and I asked my mom if it was a birthday party and she said "No its a going away party". I said "Who's going away?" She said "Uncle Ted".  "Where's he going?" At this point my mom just turns her back to me and I am pulling on her skirt screaming "Where's he going!?" But she never answers. Several things like that happened.  I think children are naturally closer to God because they have less sin in their lives separating them from Him. Thank you for posting this. It helped me.

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