Natan’s Vision: Must Jews Accept Jesus?

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Bible prophecy verifies TWO end times Mashiachs, Jesus and Elijah.
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Written by Wayne

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    April 3, 2016
    Divine Mercy Sunday – 3:00 P.M. Service

    (This Message was given in multiple parts over several days.)

    Jesus is here as He is in the Divine Mercy Image. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate, Lord of Mercy and Love."

    "I have tried for over a century to draw mankind back to the reality of My Dominion over him, but he is not listening. I have helped him conquer disease, combat natural disasters and I have sent My Mother to intervene many times. Man, in his arrogance, does not see My Love and My Mercy in action. He is drawing farther and farther away from Me, rejecting My gift of life in the womb, using the technology I inspire towards evil ends and ignoring heavenly interventions such as this powerful one here at Maranatha.* All of this is due to the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority which have turned My Sacred Heart mournful."

    "I dread sending My Justice. My Hand of Justice must fall however, to bring mankind back to Me. I know that now, and you must realize this too. For this reason you will experience greater and greater trials. Good and evil will seem as one to the heart of the world. This has already begun, but will continue to a more profound extent. My true believers, My Remnant Faithful, will be considered misled and greatly persecuted by those who are liberal."

    "Power will be given to many who are incapable or unwilling to lead in righteousness. Those who do not cling to My Commandments will be more and more confused. Opinions and beliefs will have more destructive power than weapons of mass destruction. Those in power will use mercy as a reason for wrongdoing. Many will be misled to believe they are doing good, when they will be cooperating with evil."

    "You must wear as your armor during these times your discernment. Discernment is not an opinion or rash judgment. Discernment is the feeling deep in your heart as to the Truth – the difference between right and wrong. During these confusing times, many will speak in the name of discernment, but they will unwittingly promote evil through the compromise of Truth. Beware of false discernment which promotes self-interest."

    "You are already seeing much of what I speak of taking place, but for the most part your lives have not been impacted."

    "This will change as governments become more powerful and control worldly goods and services. Leaders will have as their goal the complete dependency of their followers."

    "Many will find themselves being loyal to leaders who promote evil simply to fulfill their basic needs. Evil will use human necessities as a means of manipulation and control. This has already begun."

    "In this nation, politics has presumed the role of conscience – deciding good from evil. If this country supports another president who favors abortion, you will be unable to avoid destruction. Furthermore, you will be unable to recover from this certain destruction. Take this warning seriously, for I give it to you plainly in the language of Truth."

    "My brother and sisters, I have come to take your hearts out of the world and into the New Jerusalem. I cannot do so until you accept in your hearts the difference between good and evil and embrace only good."

    "My dear brothers and sisters, My Justice does not come to you as revenge, but as an open door to My Mercy. It is the sign of healing for all the indifference, sacrileges and acceptance of evil that have taken place over the ages without repentance. The heart of the world is now beginning its journey through the purifying Flame of My Mother's Heart."

    "Today, I am coming to greet, to bless and to extend My Mercy to all here present."

    "Today, I tell you that I am very pleased that so many of you have come here today. I'm taking all of your petitions into My Heart, which is All-Mercy, All-Love. Many will be resolved, others are being asked to gracefully carry their cross with love."

    "Today, I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love."

    * The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.

  2. I have a question, do you believe that the current state of Israel was a divine work of God? According to great Catholic scholars the current state of Israel is not even in the New Testament. The Rothschild are the people behind the state of Israel (Balfour Declaration)…and clearly they been killing Palestinians and further taking their land in the West Bank.

    It is apparent this state was created for the sole Purpose to get Americans to fight wars for the "Holy Land" in the middle east to cause instability because the anti-Christ will rule from Jerusalem and the Jews will accept him.

    The Jews are no longer God's chosen people they forfeited this when they rejected Christ and had them crucified. I understand Americans have much love for the Jews, but sadly these are the people who have taken over your Federal Reserve and control your media and the media is pure propaganda and the filth that comes out of Holiday is the reason many Christians will be doomed to hell.

    I'm not anti-Semetic, although I'm sure I will be called this. Just so you know I am a true follower of Our Catholic Faith and have true devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and know a lot more about the third secret than most people know since I speak Portuguese and have family in Portugal that has given me access to information many people don't know about.

  3. After watching this, I can come only to one conclusion. Natan did not see the Temple of Solomon because it was NOT built yet in the time of His vision. That does  NOT mean that it will not be (re)built. What He may have seen in His vision was perhaps the events in Ezekiel chapter 38…time is short so I will have to come back to this later on in a bit…

  4. In getting in conversations with a fellow Jew who is my friend.and he always tells me about the Sabbath which I still am not sure if it is on Saturday .and with circumcision. I showed him a verse that Paul said in Romans saying a Jew is not about the outward apperence but inward that of the heart.and also 1 corintians ch7 v 17 when Paul talks about the circumcision. could you shed some light on me.I jet started watching your videos and they have showed me some things.if you can make an upcoming video about this I would really appreciate it.thanks.

  5. William can you please tell us why the Antichrist is not mentioned in Nathan prophecy ? The bible warn us about the Antichrist and all the false prophets! We know the Antichrist will come from Israel so this makes all very confusing…


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