Need Life Coaching or Counseling?

Need Life Coaching or Counseling?
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Personal Life Coaching with Wayne Sutton


Are You Ready To Discover God’s PLAN For You?

It’s Time To Experience The POWER Of HIS Calling…

Awaken Your Mind And Body To The Guidance Of His Holy Spirit And Finally Unlock The Purpose God Has Planned For Your Life.

Dear Believer,

What have you done today to connect yourself with the power of God’s word?

If you’re like I am, you’re constantly searching for His guidance, inspiration, wisdom and message.

And, there’s a good chance that you see it around you—working to show you His glory—and hopefully guiding you on the path that He has defined for your life.

Sometimes, however, times get difficult.

It becomes hard to understand how the events of our lives, what happens to us, the interactions with the people around us, the struggles we face in our personal lives, at work, anywhere…

Sometimes, Finding The Way To His Path For Your Life Requires Help…

That’s Why We Have His Holy Word – The Bible helps us discover and follow the path we were designed to take during our lifetimes, preparing us for eternity in His kingdom. It’s the “how to” book for our lives—and when we need help, it’s the perfect place to turn.

That’s Why We Have Prayer – Talking to Him—experiencing the healing power of His grace and the emotions tied to His message—the power of prayer acts as another important way to find your path in life. Whenever you are lost, it’s the first place to go.

That’s Why We Have Communities – The church, a community of believers to surround yourself with fellowship, an active group of people ready to do His work and experience His message. We have communities to guide us on the path to righteousness.

And That’s Why I Am Speaking To You Now – The reason I wrote this message to you right now, is because I want to help you discover the power of God’s path for you through my ministry. Keep reading to learn more!

The Key Is Right Here

Are you looking for direction, strategy or need some supernatural insight?

Do you need insight and advice for your life?

Do you feel ‘Stuck’ or like something is not right?

If so, you should consider a 30 minute,1 hour or a 4 session package


During this session, Wayne will pray and share with you insight and advice as to what he feels is pertinent to your specific situation. 

*** The main goal for life coaching is to get you out of your present mindset (condition) which will shift you from glory to glory. Scientists say, we think over 60,000 thoughts a day….everyday. Every person on Earth subconsciously “chooses” a thought to “camp out” in. This causes us to get stuck in a cycle or rut that we can’t seem to break out of in our lives.

A session with his unique expertise can help with your personal life, business, family, health, relationships and personal development.

Your session will be within a week period of when requested unless Wayne is out of town doing seminars/training.

Your session may include, but not limited to:

  • Life insight and advice
  • Help with your Identity
  • Words of Knowledge
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Guidance and/or Instruction
  • Various Exercises or Assignments as needed



One 30-Minute Session – $197

One 1-Hour Session – $297

Four 30-Minute Sessions $597

Four One-Hour Sessions $997

*you can also pay by Venmo



What Other’s Are Saying

“Wayne Sutton has the wisdom and sound council to bring clarity to situations about a persons life. I would trust his words and advice from the Lord for me and my family anytime.”
-Dr Jeremy Lopez

“The Lord had truly blessed Second Adam ministries and Brother Wayne Sutton. He has used Brother Wayne as a messenger to help to counsel and pray with me through the hardships that I have faced. The Father has revealed through prayer and one on one counseling the Truth and I am experiencing “Waves of Peace.” -name withheld

“I was in desperate need of healing, and I decided to go check out The Second Adam website. I was taking a huge chance as I didn’t know these counsellors. My one requirement was that they walk in love. If they didn’t I wasn’t going to go to them for counseling. I must say that I am very impressed with how they counsel. I had deep father issues and a major drug habit. One of their suggestions was blessing my father and through that I would experience healing and the same with my father, so I started to bless my father eg. bought him roses, coffees and told him I loved him. Through that I saw a breakthrough in my relationship with my father. I am not saying it is perfect yet but by God’s grace my relationship with my father will be restored. As for the drugs, I have been 1 month sober and feel that I have been delivered because of the counseling going to the root of the problem of why I used. I highly recommend getting counseling through the second adam as it is life changing.” – Jen

I had a hard time just choosing three of the attributes listed above because Wayne has all of the attributes. He has changed my life forever. He gets great results and does Superlative work. He is very deep and has a lot of detailed knowledge to share and coach you with. He is very trustworthy and reliable. He is very encouraging and helpful at helping you see things in a new light. I would recommend Wayne to anybody who needs encouraging or direction in your life. He truly has been a life saver and a life changer for my life. – Linda S.