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Rick Wiles greets the founder of Agape Home Fellowship, and Z3news writer, Nelson Lee, to share his prophetic dreams of America facing the fiery judgement of the Lord, and the power of fasting during prayer. Rick will also discuss Hillary Clinton’s discreet rendezvous with muslim supporters in Beaumont, Texas, and Biden’s DAVOS speech about transexual rights.

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  1. I believe I was given a prophetic dream two nights ago. I was walking up a hill that I knew from my pass as I reached the top everything had changed. The top was no longer the pleasant peak I had remembered, it was jagged edge rocks it height has also changed. It was much higher that I had remembered, and the overlook had changed as well it was no longer pleasant. Then I saw a giant man coming up the hill he looked very angry, like he was ready to kill. The closer he came he look like a philistine ready for battle, he was about 9 ft tall light brown completion black curly hair, and his outfit was similar to the Romans who fought in the arenas. He was heading straight at me, I kept backing up there were other people there but it was me he was after.

    Finally when he reach close enough he reached for me, the other men who saw what was going on came to my rescue. He kept pushing them away and after me finally they threw him from this hill which looked to be about 1000 ft high. After he was tossed off the men asked me why was he after me, I told them I did not know. Within 5 mins he was coming up the hill again. The men grabbed weapons like a fireplace poker and machete, clubs and bats, again they all attacked him. Got him down and chopped his head off. The men again came to me and said it would be best if I leave because he may have friends. Then appeared in that area stone homes with small rocks as their small yards very little grass or trees. As we were talking he started to regrow his head. They told me to run before he comes back.

    I had no where to go so I went to the back of one of the homes and hid behind some trees and grass there. I called on the lord, the Holy Spirit told me to lay my sins at the foot of the cross, put on the whole armor of God and ask the Angel of the Lord to encampeth round about you to protect you both from physical as well as your spiritual warfare that is coming. Then the holy spirit told me he may take my physical body but my soul would go to God.

    I said lord if this is your will so be it, I only ask that you take my spirit from my body before the pain of death comes to me. Holy Spirit replied I will suffer you no more than you can bare. Then as he was reaching down for me the Holy Spirit said SOON. And I woke up, as I awakened I felt and explosion in my chest but it did not hurt it felt like warm honey bubbling. They Holy Spirit then said here is the interpretation of that dream.

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