New AI-Powered Bible App Aims to Revolutionize How People Study the Bible

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A new AI-powered Bible app is aiming to revolutionize how people engage with the Bible by giving them a more personalized experience when reading the scriptures.

Insight Bible was designed to help users deepen their faith walk and ultimately introduce a new wave of technology to traditional Bible reading.

“Insight Bible will be your spiritual game-changer for Bible study and spiritual growth,” said Tiatun Tiatun, the founder of Insight Bible. 

“Insight Bible goes beyond static engagement. The app evolves with you, utilizing Machine Learning to personalize your Bible journey. As you interact with the app, it adapts to your preferences and study patterns, providing a truly personalized experience,” he continued. 

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The app’s most unique feature is Pastor AI, a digital Bible assistant that can clarify key scriptures and answers life’s questions.  

“If you’re grappling with the meaning of a passage or the historical context of a verse, Our Pastor AI – Study Assistant provides thorough explanations that enhance your understanding. This feature is especially valuable for those who seek a more profound comprehension of the Bible’s teachings,” Tiatun explained. 

But many Christians may be leery about an AI-powered Bible. 

As CBN Digital reported, some experts warn that artificial intelligence in other contexts could become the “single greatest weapon against faith, against truth, against religion.”

Author Jeff Kinley believes AI could diminish human purpose and value. 

“Obviously, one of the biggest concerns is that it replaces human intelligence,” Kinley said. “We’re moving as a society towards replacing humanity just about every way possible — replacing human labor, human thought, human writing, trying to pretty much put humanity to the margins of the narrative here.”

Christian apologist Alex McFarland said it all comes down to who’s programming the systems and how they’re used.  

“Technology is generally amoral,” he said. “Computers aren’t necessarily good or bad, but (it’s) what you do with them on the moral issues.”

Tiatun shares that his goal is sincere, to make the Gospel accessible to a more technology-driven generation. 

“The inspiration for this app came from a realization that people today, especially the younger generation, may not attend church as much and do not have a pastor with them at all times to answer and explain scriptures in a detailed way that they’ll understand, but their phones are their constant companions,” he said. “We thought, why not put the Bible into the phone? Let’s bring the Bible to the person rather than the person to the Bible.”

Although the app is available on iOS and the Google Play Store, Tiatun has launched a kickstarter to add more Bible translations to the app. 

So far, users can read the King James Version of the Bible, write personal notes, ask questions about verses and scriptures, use daily devotionals, and discuss the meaning of the Bible with their personal study assistant. 

“Whether you’re a seasoned Bible scholar or just starting your exploration, Insight Bible is here to guide you on a transformative adventure, connecting hearts with the Word,” Tiatun said. 

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