New British Documentary Seeks to Humanize Often-Scorned Israeli ‘Settlers’ in Judea, Samaria

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JERUSALEM, Israel – British businessman Roger Walters has made many trips to biblical Judea and Samaria, known to much of the world as the West Bank. It disturbed him  to see the Jewish residents there constantly criticized by well-funded groups and people in the media committed to boycotting and delegitimizing the people known as “settlers.”

“I have felt that Israeli settlers are consistently unfairly demonized in the media – described as fanatical, breaking international law, and an obstacle to peace,” he told the German daily Algemeiner. “I felt that this created a skewed perspective for people who only read headlines without knowing the deeper truth. I spent many times visiting these settlements and what I saw was a very different story — not least that the vast majority are peaceful and normal, just like you and me.”

Walters’ response was to produce a documentary released this summer on YouTube called, Settling the Facts: a Deeper Look at Israeli Settlements. 

He recently sat down with CBN News discuss what he found.

To see the interview, click on the video above.

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