NFL Star: “Paul Went To Jail For Talking About Jesus..I Can Stand A Few Negative Tweets”

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NFL Player Carson Wentz

Star NFL quarterback Carson Wentz has spoken out about being criticized for his faith in Jesus, declaring that Christians must be grounded in the truth of the word and stand strong against those who oppose them. Speaking on radio show “Faith on the Field” and in an interview with CSN, Wentz addressed the negative comments he receives on social media.

“I have seen [negative] things here and there,” Wentz was quoted as saying in an interview with CSN. “It is what it is. Again, but they’re still reading it, they’re still following me. They’re still hearing what I believe to be true, so it’s a fine line.”

“Without a doubt, I want to use my platform to make a difference [in] peoples’ lives.”

Wentz said that Christians must be bold, and must be prepared to take hits for their faith.

“If you’re grounded in the world, criticism is hard,” Wentz explained on the show. “But Christ was nailed to a cross, and Paul went to jail for talking about Jesus, so I can stand a few negative tweets.”