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GRAPEVINE, Texas — A few years ago, it came to the attention of evangelist Nick Vujicic that most major banks in the United States support Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation. 

“Most banks — 90%, in fact — give philanthropically toward abortion,” the 38-year-old Life Without Limbs founder told The Christian Post, adding that an unthinkable amount of “God’s money” has been used to fund the murder of pre-born children. 

It was this sobering reality that prompted Vujicic to partner with Betsy Gray, his “spiritual mother” and the executive director of Network Medical Women’s Center, a primary care medical clinic in Santa Barbara, California, to found ProLife Bank.

ProLife Bank, Vujicic said, is not a for-profit bank — it’s a for-giving bank. The bank will give “50% net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God,” he explained. 

“Just like Noah’s saved lives, so we’re going to save lives with ProLife Bank,” he shared. “It’s based on the understanding that God wants to take back His role and redistribute it through His faithful students.”

Though the founder and CEO of a nonprofit ministry and a New York Times bestselling author, Vujicic said he considers himself a “numbers guy.”

The Dallas-based entrepreneur started trading options and stocks as a teenager and purchased his first home as an investment at 19 years old. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in financial planning and investments and accounting and graduated at age 21.

So when presented with the idea of a pro-life bank, he was intrigued — but asked Gray to give him three months to pray with his wife over the decision. During those three months, the father-of-four shared, he faced spiritual assault like never before. 

“My world turned upside down,” he recalled. “We had a grenade at our house; I had a false article published in a gay magazine that I fired someone from being gay. I had a lawsuit threat against me by somebody internationally. I had a spy drone above my house, and I got kicked out of a bank, all within a matter of 16 weeks after that prayer.”

“It was evident to me that this is an issue close to the Lord’s heart,” Vujicic added. “The last 20 years of my life was sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions around the world. The next 20 yearswill be, preach where I can, but also bring change, tangibly.”

Protecting the sanctity of life at all stages is an issue close to Vujicic’s heart. The Australian-American was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. Living with a disability gives him a unique perspective on issues including abortion, adoption and the foster care system.

“In America, there have been 77 million abortions — that’s 23% of our population. And one in three Christians has had an abortion. I’m doing my part to rattle the cages of the Church to say, ‘You can’t afford not to tell people that half the abortions in America are done by a Christian,” he said. 

Vujicic is also urging Christians to actively participate in city councils, school boards and other local political committees to use their voice in “taking America back for God.” 

He expressed the belief that Roe v. Wade will be overturned — and pointed out there are already 12 sanctuary cities in the U.S. that do not allow abortions to happen. Christians, he said, have the power to bring that kind of change to all cities across the country. 

“We’re not far from cities realizing that it’s just enough of us to go on a school board and bring the Bible back to school systems, city per city,” he stressed. “That is how we take back America. The way that America has been stolen and the way that America will be, half of Americans will never agree with me. And we are being forced in this cancel culture to choose one side or the other.”

“We lost the war, and we’re going to pay for it,” Vujicic said, adding: “But the remnant will hold.”

The evangelist, who has shared the Gospel from over 3,500 stages in 74 countries, expressed concern that the Church in America is “sleeping” in the face of coming persecution. He challenged pastors to “face the music” and preach biblical truth from the pulpit, no matter how unpopular.

“I think America is going to have a rude awakening,” he said. “Those of us who don’t face the music, who don’t correct the unrighteousness — it’s going along with the change of the tide since 2005 when churches changed their song and dance to bring the lost through the door by watering down the experience. We’ve forgotten to teach them meat.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic, he posited, exposed the lack of commitment and spiritual discernment among many Christians. The speaker and author urged the next generation to stop basing their actions on feelings — “Don’t just share things or jump on things because you heard somebody else doing it,” he advised — and rather on the Word of God. 

“So many people who are Christian have fallen into depression, thoughts of suicide, divorce, and all these things in the last 18 months like never before because they were never taught to memorize Scriptures, read the Bible on their own and understand that worship is between you and the Lord Jesus Christ without the structure of the church,” Vujicic said. 

“We feel this is the time as Christians to come together and ask God to forgive us of the sins of our land.”

Written by Wayne

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