‘Nothing Will Stop Us,’ Netanyahu Pledges after Loss of 10 Israeli Soldiers

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Despite differences of opinion, the White House and Israeli leaders continue to insist their relationship is on solid ground. Tuesday was one of the bloodiest days of the war for the Israeli Defense Forces.

After President Joe Biden’s comments about a change in Israel’s government earlier this week, the White House declared that despite its concerns, U.S. “support for Israel is not diminished.

“The president (Monday) reflected the reality of global opinion, which also matters,” said National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby. “Our support for Israel is not diminished, but we have had concerns and we have expressed those concerns about the prosecution of this military campaign, even while acknowledging that it is Hamas that started this and it’s Hamas that is continuing it.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also recognized the differences with the U.S., but he believes the two nations will find a way to work together.

“That’s the key and the base, Gallant declared. “They want our success, and we are aware we must do so while taking their needs into account, and without giving up on the goals of the war.”

In one of the toughest days of the war this week, ten IDF soldiers, including several commanders, died in a Hamas ambush.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged the pain it caused.

“Yesterday we had a very difficult day and every day we have precious boys who fall. The true heroes of Israel  – my heart and our hearts go out to both the fallen and the families. We know their lives have changed. And with that I want to say in the clearest way what I just said to the commander in the field – we continue to the end. Nothing will stop us. We will go to the end, to victory –  no less than that,’ the prime minister said.


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Yet with the progress in the field and the surrender of hundreds of Hamas fighters, Netanyahu says he believews Hamas is starting to break.

However, in the West Bank, a wartime opinion poll released Wednesday showed Palestinian support for Hamas is rising. The poll also revealed 90 percent of Palestinians say Palestinian Authority Presdient Mahmoud Abbas should resign.

This undermines the U.S. goal of having the P.A. rule Gaza after the war.

On Wednesday, families of Americans taken hostage by Hamas met with President Biden and the White House.

Jonathan Dekel-Chen, father of hostage Sagui Dekel-Chen, stated, “It was a terrific, terrific meeting and conversation. I think we all came away feeling that as families of hostages, of American-Israeli hostages, which are eight out of a total of 138 hostages, we felt that, you know, we felt before and we we’re only reinforced in seeing and believing that we could have no better friend in Washington or in the White House than President Biden himself and his administration.”

Liz Hirsh Naftali, the great aunt of a 4-year-old released hostage, said, “We love a Christmas miracle. We would love all of our loved ones to come back and be with us for Christmas. So when you talk about the Pope, our hope is that he, and others like himself, will influence these people in the Middle East that are all actors in this part of getting these hostages out.”

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