Oct 10, Repent! Vision from Jesus, Nibiru!!

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Disclaimer: I am using the images/videos under the “Fair Use” portion of the U.S. Copyright law, for educational purposes.
The song was about Nineveh, from the book of Jonah. Read the whole thing, it’ll take less than 30 minutes because it’s only 4 chapters. In this vision, I saw 3 planets, probably from the Nemesis system, where Nibiru and fellow planets are coming towards Earth! Time to make Jesus your number 1. Believe that he died for you so that your sins can be forgiven. With his gift, we are worthy to enter heaven. Say thank you to Jesus and accept him and give him your love and gratitude. Praise him each day and keep him as your number 1 in your heart. God bless you and your family!

Written by Wayne

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  1. I don't know if you watch BPEARTHWATCH or not but to night he dropped a Hugh book she'll on everybody. About these plants. My little sister please go listen to what he has to say about NIBIRU. Everybody so far had the same reaction!!! Who would have thought it. Love ya, I can not wait to meet you, I really enjoy your videos, if one pops up I'm on it. Thank you

  2. I hate when my phone thinks it know what I want to say and starts changing the words around. It's supposed to say large bomb shell on everybody. Anyway you have to check it out.

  3. I have been trying to win the lottery and nothing but I remember winning when I didn't even get on YouTube and ignored all that was going on for about 2 days and than suddenly I won. But as soon as I repented again and got on YouTube and praying and watching more truth I lost on lottery on 5 tickets not even one dollar. The enemy is trying to stop me from winning so I can remain in the same situation but the enemy doesn't realize I'm not stupid and I am paying off my debt and saving without worrying about winning the lottery. It's time for Satan to go back to hell and I dunno why God Yeshua doesn't just destroy him and destroy darkness and end this suffering on this planet and for our bodies to be immortal and never to be sick again and suffer anymore and for all women to be fixed since most of them are wackos

  4. Someone told
    Me today revelations already happened and I say no it hasn't – because of the moon is at her feet it's not till sept 2017 so maybe what is being fulfilled is not yet. But we do have a big issue on our hands and that's the elections and how it's gonna play out

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