On Black Women Dating Asian Men, Church Men, and Improvising Online Profile

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A 32-year-old doctor wrote to me with this question

Written by Wayne

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  1. Why are blacks hung up on Christianity? First, Christianity is nothing but blind faith built around an egocentric tyrant. It is a glorified tribal myth. And it preaches supremacy of whites over black, man over women, even though blacks have successfully used it against white racism.

  2. to yamanok
    I am glad you bring that up, its part of black culture. What was sold to black people and it made sense the most. Within the black community Islam and Christianity has become embedded into their culture. I challenge you to find an Black Atheist, non religious maybe but believing in something that tells black people not to commit suicide for being black is what we've been sold and it stuck and makes sense. Other Gods don't appreciate black folks so go figure right. 

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  4. A black woman would never be satisfied by an Asian man. They have thee SMALLEST cocks in the business. You can't go from some black bull to an Asian chop stick. Some of my FAVORITE porn is Asian men with black chicks. You can just feel the disappointment pouring off the black women when see what he is packing! Listen date who you want but I'm just telling you that you will want a real hoss on the side.

  5. I gave up on Christian men. Church people are some of the worst people I have ever dealt with. Some of them are the main ones who treat people like trash. They are worse than the so called "people in the world." I can't tell the difference so I threw that out. the last thing I want is a church person. I am not convinced, due to the way many of them act, that they believe in God.

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