Online Church Service: Stretch Forth Your Hand

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Pastor David Edmondson from Covenant Connections Church gives an amazing message of faith. Sunday 7.22.2012

Written by Wayne

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  1. yea, well feminism has pretty much wrecked marriage even in the church, and no fault divorce too. Women will break a vow wedding vow to God because they're "not feeling fulfilled", so all these pastors are probably falling to deviant behavior, porn, prostitutes, because they can't find devoted women who aren't all blaming men for everything. I mean, the porn industry is so choked with women who could be giving their best to a husband but instead want to be defiled doing the most hard core sex acts for like a couple of G's. Marilyn Monroe looking women that 40 years ago would have made a million dollars, but have now cheapened the industry because so many women are willing to sell out. I talked to a guy briefly who had a friend in the porn industry and he said thousands of women come to him begging to be humiliated. So let's not put all the blame on men. We have to get rid of no fault divorce. Women account for 80% of divorce now, if you count the men who have to get divorced because they're wife is cheating on them or abandoned them. There's that. Let's preach to the women too, not just the men. 

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