Online reactions to French church attack

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French politicians take to social media with many criticizing the government’s management of the terror threat; this after a church in Normandy was targeted in the Islamist attack. We also look at reactions from around the world on social media, some expressing hate speech towards Muslims in general while others show sympathy for the victims and solidarity with France and French Catholics.

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Written by Wayne

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  1. People are reacting just as designed by the terrorists. Most people aren't smart enough to react in the most intelligent way, this is why we keep having wars. Its so predictable that I don't care anymore. Ill stay safe until they're all done killing each other, more room on earth for me.

  2. Hashtag, social media, nonsense.
    Look at you colored neighbor, be vigilant, they are all around you, if you do not value your life, they will not.
    We will forgive them, once they are all sent to hell or eradicated.

  3. the Islamic Republic of France ataking the faith of portuguese civilization in France! the Islamic Republique of France gonna support the Chaos in Iberic Peninsula…the Islamic Republique gonna send Jihadist + Jacobines to support the destrution of the Catholiqs Kingdom of Spain and the kingdom of Portugal!

  4. There's only 'one solution' to this, and unless the entire western world knuckles down and agrees on it… this will never ever end until the world is a complete devastated smouldering ruin. It's a simple 'two step solution', quite radical, but it would work.
    Step 1: America and its allies "MUST" pull every last troop completely out of the Middle East… and never ever go back!
    Step 2: "All Muslims" currently living and working in foreign western countries "must" be made to pack up and leave and go back to their countries of origin… regardless of their 'current national status'. The entire Western world "Must" be "totally Muslim free".

    Of course this will never happen… but it is the ONLY ANSWER.

  5. Thank you European Churches for helping the refugees…

    Have the Pope wash their feet again

    Lets Remove More Crosses not to offend refugees who are given shelter in Churches

    Europe Wake Up ffs

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