People Must Be Crazy?! Maybe Not…

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Why wouldn’t people receive Jesus?

Why would anyone decide not to receive the Kingdom of God in their life?

Sometimes what seems so simple – simply is not. And as you recognize this truth you can begin to see just how our best argument for Jesus may never be enough for some people… Allow me to share an experiment with you – an experiment that will show you that true VALUE is not always the key.

First, let’s begin with a few FACTS.

#1) We all were born and we all shall pass away – yep, Die. (for this discussion we will not discuss the rapture)

#2) It is appointed for man to die once and then face judgment.

#3) The afterlife is real and your decisions will affect that reality.

So, back to our little experiment… For this experiment the counsulting group sent out 2 people, to a very upscale neighborhood, with a bright and shiny 1 ounce Gold coin ($1600 value) – and the experiment went like this…

Person 1 would stand on the sidewalk and simply observe. Person 2 would go up to the front door of the home and ring the doorbell. When a person answers the door they would simply say, “Hello my name is Thomas, I have here in my hand a solid one ounce Gold coin – and I will give it to you for half the value – for only $800. Would you mind going and getting $800 for me, and I will hand over the Gold coin?”

House after house, the homeowner would quickly decline and swiftly close the door on the 2 strangers.

Why? This is OBVIOUSLY a great deal! Double the value in just one second, one simple decision… so why did they decline? Are they crazy? No, they are simply acting out of REACTANCE. Reactance is the rejection of value from fear of manipulation. They turned down the shiny gold coin because it “seemed” manipulative and they had no relationship with the strangers.

But it is a great VALUE? So is our surrender to the Lord… yet people reject that everyday as well.

Reactance is the resistance because of our attempt to influence. The same ‘human nature’ applies when we attempt to persuade people of why they need to receive Christ solely from a place of ‘value’… You know, you can escape hell, you can get a mansion when you die, you can – you can – you can…

When we “sell” Jesus as some sort of life-enhancement message we do a great disservice to the true message of Jesus and His Kingdom. We are essentially knocking on the door of a stranger and saying “Hey admit that my “Christian Decision” – is better than your “Sinful Ignorant Decision”. And then we expect them to “see the value” and jump on board the Holy Ghost bandwagon!

We must stop trying to SELL the gospel as if it is a buy one get one free discount.

So, how do we bring the gospel without REACTANCE? We must learn to come in genuine love for the people that we interact with everyday – with the very people we are attempting to influence and welcome into the Kingdom of God. The word of God says that “by all means that I may save some” – are you ready to shift your approach and walk in deeper love?

In the next few articles I will share more of how you can lower or eliminate the REACTANCE to your message of the gospel. Yes, obviously Jesus is the best decision you could ever make – and we must make sure the people we witness to see it as true love and genuine care, not manipulation.

People when faced with the fear of making a bad decision, or if they are unclear of how the decision will affect them, all too often simply do nothing. Ask Holy Spirit to share with you how to reach others, how to lower or bypass their reactance or resistance, and then how to give out more of the love that God truly already is…

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Written by Wayne

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