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  1. How can anyone call themselves just when they slave for a government (man) and give that man or Gov. tax money that fuels the war machine that has destroyed millions and millions of innocent people. God is not mocked! One can not serve man and God, either one or the other, no in between. God's word is a 2 edged sword, dividing truth from lie. Americans must repent.

  2. Zhuellor>>>>FACT>>Rev20:3 Satan IS BOUND so he CAN NOT DECIEVE the NATIONS>>>>>>how can you read this and say no nations will be here? Why else would satan be bound???? And why is he released at all if not to THEN deceive many at the end of the thousand years??????Your argument doesn't hold water!

  3. Isaih: God says to repsect his Laws and prophets in end times. To buy and Sell will be controlled by the 2 beasts. Vatican beast of sea. Babylon beast of the earth America. Some incident will come, all there world will have to follow new world order leader false prophet , who will show amazing feats, even like light. satan. so Sabbath Saturday one of the laws will be changed to sunday family day. it is already being implemented world wide again. rid your sins, stoip thinking it is about us being rich and happy, it is about us spreading the word, respecting all 10 coammndments, in the end time false teachers prophets will lead us away from god , the bible and the truth, jewish laws are over. ordainces were hung on the cross. not gods law. the 10 commandments. making money off preaching god is not of a true Christian, that alone should make a Christian turn away. also the arguments of wars beiung armagedan, armagedon is god against satan, for those that respect gods laws and have faith in jesis and rid their sins and spread the word, will be protected from the last vial being pouted out. if you are looking for where the world war is your lost, the war is you being fooled from the facts I just shared, its all in the bible. study it. amen.

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