Personal Prophetic Mentoring!

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Personal Prophetic Mentoring!

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Are you ready to clearly hear the voice of God? Do you want to discover your destiny and purpose? Do you want to finally breakthrough and get ‘unstuck’ in your life?

The walk was not a long one…

But the walk changed everything… Every spiritual truth, real truth, resides from the Kingdom of God already within the believer. I had to talk a walk and mentally process all the revelation that was just unleashed into my life.

Learning how to walk out that truth — to allow the mysterious to become reality, was the desire of all who attended the meeting.

The Christian mystic spoke as every ear listened. The words were more than just another volume of knowledge — the words of revelation opened up the hearts and imparted life.

His questions were as powerful as any statement I had ever heard before…

“Have you ever felt… stuck?”

“Have you ever felt like you going around and around in an unending cycle?”

“Have you ever felt like your dreams and goals were just out of reach of reality?”

His voice had captured not only my ears but my thoughts as well… Millions of Christians are facing the same questions – seeking the true solution…

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