Phil Wickham Reports ‘Thousands and Thousands’ of Conversions during Summer Tour

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Award-winning Christian music artist Phil Wickham shared that he witnessed “thousands and thousands” of people surrender their lives to Jesus Christ this past summer.

According to CBN News, Wickham went on the nationwide Summer Worship Nights Tour with Grammy Award-winning artist Brandon Lake. In addition to their worship sets, both artists also made a call to salvation.

“Every night, God really laid it on our heart, me and Brandon Lake, it just felt so obvious we were supposed to give people a chance to know Jesus,” he told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

“We just felt like that’s what God was calling us to do, and every night we do a legit Gospel presentation,” he added. “Then the lights go up (and) it has been crazy; thousands and thousands of people have lifted their hands, and the church (is) coming along them and praying for them.”

Additionally, Wickham and Lake encouraged the new converts to get themselves situated in a local church.

“It’s been so beautiful to see the Kingdom of God in such an expansive way come together — everywhere from Newark, New Jersey, all the way down to San Diego and in between,” he said. “Every single night has been explosively beautiful. People, the Church, so ready to jump in and sing with us,” Wickham shared.

Wickham, who has been leading worship since he was 13, shared that this summer’s tour has been his favorite because of the move of God. He pointed to one specific venue where security guards raised their hands to receive Christ.

“This is my favorite tour because everything I love about what happens on these nights is magnified and explosive to the point of, ‘I can’t process this; this is too much goodness and too much beauty,’ and I’m gonna cry right now; I’ve been a wreck this whole tour,” he said.

Last month, Wickham released his 10th album, I Believe, which currently stands at the top of the Christian Billboard charts.

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