Powerful: Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers Says Jesus Is the ‘One Way to Freedom’

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Those who have followed Quinn Ewers have seen quite an evolution from last season to this season.

The sophomore Texas Longhorns quarterback once known for his tousled mullet and unfocused persona has transformed into a clean-cut athlete honing his leadership skills — and it’s paying off.

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Though early in the season, Ewers already has nine touchdowns under his belt. And he’s crediting much of his success — and the joy he’s found on the gridiron — to his faith in Jesus.

When asked this week what has allowed him to enjoy the game more this season, the rising quarterback said, “Just listening to [God] more and not just focusing on my own ways.”

“God has told me that this game doesn’t define me as a human being, which allows me to play more freely,” he said. “I think really that’s just been the biggest thing for me. … Just listening to Him more and not just focusing on my own ways and knowing that He has a plan for me and to pursue His truth and to continue to seek His truth.”

Ewers continued, “I think that’s really been the biggest thing for me and there’s only one way to freedom, and that’s through Jesus Christ, so find Jesus and everything else’ll be free.”



This is not the first time Ewers has opened up about how his faith has transformed his outlook.

In early September, the 20-year-old athlete pointed to God as the source of his growth.

“God is so good,” he said. “I can’t say that enough — how much God has put me through. He’s made me so strong. I’m so proud of my team, our defense, we balled out. I’m fired up for the rest of the way.”

Ewers also noted in an article for The Players’ Tribune that it was prayer that ultimately led him to come home to Texas.

“It’s hard to make life-changing decisions when you’re only 17 or 18 years old,” he wrote. “But this time I really just tried to block out all the noise, and focus on what I wanted for myself. It took a lot of prayer, but I’m confident in the choice I made.”

Pray for Ewers throughout this football season that his faith in God would grow even stronger and he would continue to boldly speak out about Jesus.

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