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  1. I want to ask you somewhere you actually speak-why can’t you do a tongue speaking function with donation? Eunice Brennan does it. I just want God to come back quickly because I suck at entry level jobs. It’s a profit for you. You get to look at everyone’s applications and invent your own, and take donations out of it. I have some sense, whether from myself, God or both that you’re not getting a lot of money from prophecy anymore compared to how much your career and investments could generate, but still need it to maintain a presence. There may be a way to turn influence into historically recorded tapes instead of having to maintain a present interest all the time. You’re shit scared of even nodding to God about competition and you’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Always there to help and almost never there to poke butthurt out of being weak or pretend to be disciplinarians when they are homeless-like the others. But life could be easier for you and you could top those people. Go to God and said Simon asked for some market changers for you-I know you do not dare to confront these things for yourself-but wanting God back now, I know you are the only one with a brain calm enough to even breathe when talking of power. I can’t stand the others who just shrug, freeze and don’t react. I know you think of something, even if it is dismissing or the feeling of being too busy. Also Wayne, “silver dollar” “shipment blues” “there’s a lid on the handle”. Invest in this thing when it appears in the news. Eunice Brennan said it after I asked her for the next fast investment trend like the last bitcoin trend, word by word I asked that way. I know you have the brains and power to confirm it and the time to liquidate assets in time if God proves it to you. As for me, I’ve given up even trying to tell other Christians about this. They’ll A) mock me for being a kid B) shrug and neither call me a liar nor test me nor defend me.

  2. After years of lukewarm living and compromise, thinking that I had it all figured out, my life was spiralling out of control. God had an appointed time for me however. God has restored the intimacy of His presence and the working of the Holy Spirit in my life again. My eyes have been opened to the reality of God’s grace and the reality of my sin. All my complex arguments were blown out of the water when the Holy Spirit started revealing the truth. It’s been a tough and confronting ride, but I thank God that he pulled me from complacency and saved me from the road of destruction. Resources like Wayne’s are great in showing God’s desire to change lives. Take God at his word, put in the effort, pursue a holy life with all you have and experience his abundant blessing in your life

  3. My praise report will be hopefully today or tomorrow when I will receive my personal prophetic Word from Prophet Wayne Sutton. I requested a personal prophetic Word (which will also include Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom) on March 8 and sent $37 through my Pay Pal Account. This is the first time I have requested a personal prophetic Word from this Ministry. Over the years my wife Sandi and I have received many personal prophecies from Dr. Jeremy Lopez and they were extremely accurate. I read recently where Prophet Lopez made many tremendous compliments about Prophet Sutton and about his Ministry. That speaks volumes to me! I was extremely impressed!!!

  4. I first encountered brother Wayne Sutton online way back in April of 2012.
    I was living in Cape Town South Africa and pretty far from God’s path for my life, as Cape Town can be quite a hedonistic place if you are not walking close to God. I was attracted to Wayne’s non judgemental, yet undiluted message and continued to receive his posts as reminders of the faithfulness of Jesus to all who are His. In 2015 I met my wife and we married in September and now we live in the UK and are hooked in to a local vibrant community of believers. God has been so faithful to me through these years and despite 20 years of living a life of compromise in the world, He has brought me back and restored to me the joy of His salvation. I would also highly recommend Wayne’s work and training to those eager to realise change in their lives.

  5. Hi pastor Wayne, thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging prophecies. They really make a change and shift things into place. Even other people that I’ve asked you to prophesy over were very much encouraged! It truly brings joy, hope and prosperity. My prayer is that Abba will remember His covenant with you forever, commanding blessing, favor, no limitations and access to His riches in glory to a thousand generations. In His unfailing love, Nathania.

  6. Pastor Wayne provided me with a prophetic word that was exactly what I needed and carried me through during a very difficult and challenging time. I would definitely recommend his ministry!

  7. Hello, Pastor Wayne,

    Thank you so much for such an informative life coaching course. I have learned a bucket-load of knowledge that I never knew existed. My own life is the first to be life-coached…lol.

    This course has opened up a whole new world for me, especially, in the importance of valuing relationships. It is well worth the time and cost. I just finished the last lesson and I will never be the same. The Celebrity You bonus is awesome and appreciate these sites to get my own message out there.

  8. Pastor Wayne,
    I had been considering your Life Coaching Certification program for quite a while. You made the difference for me to join by seeing and coming into agreement with my vision and calling. Your willingness to partner with me is priceless.
    I know of no one else that provides as much support and guidance as you do through your ministries.
    May God continue to bless you in every way as you equip His body.

  9. Dear pastor Wayne,
    I would like to thank you for your prayers for me. I have been trying to let my husband to come back to me for four years now. I was happy that he started helping me and support me. It’s okay even though he’s not ready to come back to me.god is awesome.he gives me a lot of blessings.
    Thank you pastor Wayne for your prayers, please continue praying for me

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