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  1. Thank you for the prophetic word it was awesome in so many ways. First I absolutely knew it was from the Lord because I had received the same word in a dream the week before. I’m in bible school and I had told some class mates I never “hear” God saying anything, but I did have a strange dream, and you echoed prophetically word for word what was told to me in the dream. So apparently God has to put me to sleep to talk to me…lol Thanks so much I was blessed.

  2. For the love of His name I praise Him & I thank the Lord for your prayer support for my pregnant daughter who was in trouble with her pregnancy. Yesterday, she received the wonderful news that she and her baby are A ok!!! So very thankful for the healing He has provided for us all! SO relieved, thank you once again for your support!

  3. I just want to thank you for the word you received from the Lord for me. Sometimes when you are going on in the battle of your mind,you need someone to intercede on your behalf. The Lord has blessed you with this.The Lord has showed me to never give up and use all our weapons against the enemy where ever he trys to strike you. I give all praise to Jesus for he is using you to teach and counsel his children. Thank you

  4. I want to thank the Lord our God for being my Shield and weapon. For destroying all my enemies. He said to wait on him and I did. Oh Precious Holy Spirit and Heavenly angels of the Lord our God. Amen Amen! Thanks for your prayers and support also! Amen Amen

  5. I was greatly encouraged by the word I received.
    And the prophetic word i received is being manifested in this very moment. I believe that he who has begun a good work will be faithful to complete it. Praise be to Jehovah God for ever more.

  6. Pastor Wayne gave me a word concerning my son who had experienced war trauma we saw him at Christmas and he is totally healed by God himself. He was not treated by man. The prophet gives you something to say and I kept saying God is working out the details at every turn and he did! My son is getting out of the military in the Spring and God is working out the details! Amen! Thank you Pastor Wayne! 1Timothy 1:18 …according to the prophecies which went before on thee that thou by them mightiest war a good warfare…

  7. My testimony is two-fold.I am seeing God use me as a Seer more, to encourage, and see breakthrough for others. It is happening enough that I’m coming to expect it. Recently I prayed for a young man I didn’t know personally, over a period of time, while he looked for a new job. He got an interview , and it appeared like he had it…but then circumstances looked like he didn’t. I kept going back to what I had seen written in the spirit on my wall. “He got it” was what I saw. Sure enough the circumstances shifted, and shortly after that he began work at the new company.

  8. This was a BIG deal & I have heard others are not successful sometimes & have problems, loose shipments, ty for praying for Gods favor !
    I got it in! YAY
    Also I was told Katie is considering rehab & also she sounds “normal” not in psychosis 🙂 Not happy either but not crazy, awesome eh

    Monday, December 22, 2014 Location Time
    31 Clearance processing complete at BRITISH COLUMBIA – CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 14:59
    30 Customs status updated BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 12:36
    29 Clearance event BRITISH COLUMBIA, BC – CANADA 06:03

  9. Thanks Pastor Wayne for your help and allowing the holy spirit to minister though you .About 1 year ago I received a word from and you said there was a cloud the enemy was trying to bring confusion and has you spoke the word the cloud left straight away I felt it there and felt it leave and on another time you spoke about 2 demonic spirit trying to deceive which I also felt and has you spoke the word that also broke and I have found your prophetic words to be accurate and want to thank you for making yourself available to help the body of christ .

  10. Thank you Wayne for you Prophetic word. I asked about direction as it pertains to career. And, deep down in my heart I have always wanted to work with people rather than numbers. I couldn’t understand why I got a degree in Finance and remained in accountancy work. And, now I understand why I’m attracting new people and clients who need me more for consultative services. So you are absolutely correct! I just need confirmation if this is God’s plan for my life. Honestly it’s all about giving Glory to my Father! Now I’m more at peace! Thank you also for praying over my health! I’m so blessed I found your ministry. I will make sure I tell everyone I encounter the good news you are doing for his Kingdom. May God Bless you, your family and the ministry!

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