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  1. I am so filled with gratefulness to God for Pastor Wayne and the prayer team. One by one, my adult children have been receiving prophetic words of great encouragement. It so blesses my heart as a mother to see the smiles on their faces as their spirits have been recharged. Thank you!!!

  2. Praise God!!!!! Pastor Wayne’s prophecy and word of knowledge was right on time. I had become discouraged about some things in my life. Prophet Wayne spoke to the dry places in my life, and resurrected my dreams.

    Also, he gave me instructions on what to do with my night visions and dreams. Well it happened!!!!! The Lord gave me the name of someone that was very active in her calling. A well respected Woman of God. I had no idea who this person was. I cannot reveal to much however, all I can say is GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He gave me someone’s name in my dream that would be very beneficial to the ministry that he has given me. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! THANK YOU PAASTOR WAYNE GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wayne, Word was so timely and confirming. Assurance that I continue in my stand on a particular situation. This is the one thing I really needed to be comforted in and I am strengthened by the ministry. Sometimes we just need that agreement. I have the Heart of a GIVER and I Give from every area of Life. I would not have it any other way.
    Thank You and Blessings to you and yours

  4. Not sure yet on my own but thank God for his Grace and salvation. You did give me a word how the devil was putting a cloud around me to try a deseve me from where I need to be I must say I did notice a cloud lift from me has I got the word of the Lord from you and needed to stay where I am the place to stay here was confirmed but to be honest I am not happy in this area only 1year ago I got a word I was finished in this area and was time to move I don’t get why God would have me come back to this area where I have spent alot of time isolated and no the same old same old . Anyway thanks for your help

  5. The Detective that was responsible for putting me in prison as an innocent woman and destroy my family has been caught and soon I will be vindicated. PRAISE THE LORD….it has been over 25 years…….God has taken the best care of me and I need to Thank everyone for their prayers over all these years.
    Lynn +

  6. Just want to thank our brother in Christ for your prayers I sent in a prayer request this month I’m thinking on the 10th not sure. But it was at night the follwing morning God was already at work answering my prayers I was so in shock as to how fast God was doing what I had sent in for prayer for I was kind of in a I don’t believe this because it was happening so fast but thank you God I do believe and know that it is the work of our Holy God thank you God in the almighty name of Jesus. And pastor prophet Wayne I also thank you, you really are a man of God I would tell anyone about you I’m so bless to have found a real man of God.

  7. I received a prophetic word a few days ago and all that needed to be confirmed was in the message. I have had an ongoing problem with my digestive system for the past 6 years due to stress and sensitive nervs, Pastor Wayne Sutton spoke exactly in to those areas. God is really using you and I bless you and honour you pastor Wayne for devoting yourself fully to the Lord. Thank you for also praying for healing into my digestivesystem, nervsystem and mindset. god bless you in Jesus Name.

  8. Praise the LORD, I would like to salute our LORD Jesus Christ the son of LIVING GOD. At mid of last year (2013) I received the prophetic word proclaiming to receive a contract signing that came to pass as a result of this I was able to buy a car and build a house and a piece of land. What good is in believing and follow the plan of Jesus. I was surprised to know that God is even interested on what my enemies are doing and what is going on, Prophet Wayne give me a word of warning me that my enemy has set a snake but encouraged me that God has given me the ability to break it. Truly this came to pass, several weeks later it happened when my wife was supervising a contractor in our house saw a snake but disappeared. Few days later it came and a contractor saw it but disappeared. We kept searching it. Several weeks later I was present around my construction house when my wife cried to see the snake immediately disappeared, but already I knew that the Holy Spirit is fulfilling the prophecy, dear brothers and sisters trust the LORD after 15minutes the snake came around but this time we were able to kill it. The Holy Spirit told me to separate the head and body with knife and decree on this bad spirit “ I prophesized and decree that who set this spirit of snake should die as the snake died in Jesus name”. Now I believe the word of God is able to kill the enemy; after few weeks I was told one of my enemy is shocked then LORD reminded me that enemies are weak, are broken, their flask has run dry and their heart melt as passed on LOVE like a candle melt as seat next to fire, and then Holy Spirit remind me that the LOVE is the FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT. I love our LORD Jesus Christ because through the word of prophet my enemies are silenced, destroyed and killed, and I see them fearing the real GOD. God bless Pastor Wayne and brothers and sisters in Christ in Jesus name of Nazareth.


  9. Recently I wrote to you asking for prayer. There was an order against my property over a debt. Today they were supposed to pass by, I came home today to a full house of furniture, nothing is missing. Glory to Jesus. I want to thank you for writing back to me right away to support my request. I found money on my account that I KNOW I did not have, hard to explain. May God allow you to flourish in what you do, you surely helped me to have faith. Thank you pastor Sutton. Thank you

  10. Thankyou Pastor Wayne and all the prayer team which prayed and agreed for healing for myself and my children. A million Praises to God!! Thankyou Lord for healing us all. My son spent only one night in hospital after an intravenous drip for cellulitis in his knee, He ripped the cannula out of his arm and wanted to go home, My husband phoned at 3 pm said Doctors said he can go home!! That same day the cellulitis had completely gone. Thankyou Jesus!!

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