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Thank you and God Bless!

  1. I too want to praise God for prayers I have requested and which I know will be answered in God’s ways.Amen.

  2. Prophet Wayne,thankyou for the word of the Lord,I thank God for you and for allowing you to speak into my life ,the word was precise and accurate and I believe and receive it in Jesus name.I pray the Lord bless you as he have promised you indeed.

    Peace and love

  3. HalleluJah !! Thank you for agreeing in prayer with me !!
    Every request agreed upon has been answered !! I also got
    the pension increase!!! That was a Miracle !! or actually
    the Impossible was made Possible because of our Father`s
    Love that He has given us through Jesus Christ our King !!
    I am Thankful that my writing talents have been restored.
    I am also Healed, Set Free, and Delivered form oppression
    and depression NOW because Jesus Christ is Lord and Alive !!
    HalleluJah !! Thank You *Abba* for The Second Adam!! website,also 😉

  4. I have so much to Thank God for first for bringing me back when I most certainly was on my way out of here. I passed out at 2:30 am face down in the living room and could not be revived by family or EMS rushed to the ER where it was determined I had two brain tumors and a fairly large cyst, my brain was to swollen for surgey the first nine days I was in the hospital but on the 9th day I had surgery to remove these. I have gotten most of my memory back and I am back to normal for me!! Three weeks later after returning home I again was rushed to ER this time with a left ankle broken in three places which, required 8 steel pins, a steel plate, and one rod and almost 6 months in cast, rehab, etc. today I can WALK on my own still some pain but it’s getting there PRAISE GOD! I received a letter that thousands of dollars of my medical bills had been forgiven because I had no insurance and two major surgeys, NOW THAT IS A MIRACLE WHERE EVER YOUR FROM! I was suffering from a terrible ordeal in my personal life that really set me back but once again GOD is healing me from the disappointment, hurt and betrayal I suffered from this ordeal, this is a work in progress but believe me when I say God is working it out otherwise I couldn’t deal with the betrayal!

  5. The two things the body of Christ struggles with unity and the prophetic delivered our son and brought him back ! Thank you for your ministry that has brought so much joy to me and my family! I am so excited to continue to grow in Christ! One word spoken was “when the enemy Tries to create chaos be encouraged” I am so encouraged! The other transformation came in aligning my soul with my spirit which I pray every day and have seen transformation in my relationships -a heart surgery to be like my Jesus!

  6. I believe that God has healed me from stress, the arthritis in my back, He had healed also my liver and has healed me all over from head to toe and from inside and out. I thank you God for your healing so grateful. I Honor you and Praise you!!! You Get all the Glory. Blessed and so thankful to my Almighty God!!!!

  7. Praise God!!! Thank You for your prayers. God has answered one of them. No more pot smoking boyfriend for my daughter. 🙂 I love Him. I praise Him.

  8. I want to say thank you for all prayers and the amazing gift God has blessed me with…..God Bless

  9. I want to Thank God for the many blessings. God saved me he brought me out of a situation that wasn’t good for me. He restored my marriage. God healed my mom and myself. God has removed my anxiety. He is continually working on me to help me become better in all areas of my life. I am so thank God for his love, kindness, forgiveness His mercy and grace. I Thank you God and I thank you for your son Jesus. Amen….. I am truly blessed and Thankful!

  10. Thanks for Praying for my mother several months ago in august 17, she is in her 80,she fell horrible fall broke her hip, very painful fall I was witness to it, she was taken to hospital to be operated on and thank God everything went well she told me the operation didn’t hurt. a bit. she is walking again. and says she feels fine. only takine a few medications for another month praise GOd

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