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  1. I was so stressed about asking for this property to be in my name only & God enabled It All Happened without me saying anything….
    Ptl its MY house & Hrs given me a way to pay for it also with a busy airbnb & a good job. He’s healing me too soican enjoy being here for many years. Ty for praying

  2. Hey Pastor Wayne,

    Thank You for today!!!!!!! …… Thanks for giving me a new perspective and lots of things to think about…. I feel like something changed today after talking with you today…. I greatly appreciate you and all you do!!! You are the Best of the Best!!! There is no other like you that has affected my life as much as you have!!! And I greatly appreciate you for being you and for all you do!!! …. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!!
    Blessings to you, my friend!! ….

  3. Thank You Pastor Wayne for all you do!! Thank You for all your prayers and support!! Thank You for sticking with me through thick and thin. Thank You for encouraging me when I am down and for celebrating with me when I am doing good. A true friend and counselor and I am so Thankful that God put you in my life. I am so Thankful that God put you in my life so that I could truly learn and know who I am in Christ and all that Christ has for me. Knowing now that the Best is yet to come because God holds my future and because you have helped me discover what my gifting is in Christ. Thank You!!

  4. Though we all go through things, I just have to say that having Pastor Wayne as my Life Coach/ Counselor has been a life saver for me. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. And he has believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. But I guess one of the most important things that he has done for me is that he has helped me to realize who I am in Christ and how valuable I am to God. And he has also helped me to realize my gifting and calling in Christ. And for this I am forever Grateful and Thankful. Pastor Wayne truly is a Life Coach/ Counselor who really cares about you and will always encourage you and believe in you because he operates in and through Christ’s Love for all. He Believes in you because of the Christ in you. And he Believes in you because he knows that Christ has more for you and he wants you to experience all that God has for you. Amen!!

  5. Katelyn is in rehab and she’s doing well she’s acting normal
    and they’re weeding her off some really bad medication that should been on she’s really determined and is asking to go back to church
    huge turnaround that took 7 years but she’s back in her right mind! WOW only God knows how much we prayed
    He’s so faithful ?

  6. as I sowed seed today i was thinking how good God is to me & as I hit send immediate my phone rang and I got work ? & she said YOU just popped into my mind as I was thinking oh no I have no one ..
    PTL & remember this God owms all of Heaven and Earth he certainly does not need my chump change if He’s ever asking you to give RUN! and go do it because he wants to give to you ?

  7. Good morning Pastor Wayne Sutton. I received your prophecy in the mail on Tuesday. I’m just now going through my emails, found your prophecy you sent to me and listened to it.

    You described exactly what is going on with me right now. God is sending so many ideas to me that I can hardly keep up. I try to write them down as they come. I have been asking for direction and the such. Your word blessed me. Thank you for your faithful service.

    May God bless and your family and may the Holy Spirit rest on you mightily to advance the kingdom of God.

  8. I was in the hospital diagnoised with sciatica. Body jerking and pains aching in the nerves. I continue to pray and believe in the prophetic words that have been spoken to me. I move in and by faith!.

    F. Amos

  9. How do I overcome? With the word of God and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit. We have daily trials & tribulations in our lives, whether in our bodies, minds or families. Releasing it all to God and leaving it with Him brings me such peace now. I am not in control, He is, because God rules and reigns in every situation. I am in my senior years now and I thank God for every new day and Blessings from Him. Life is going by faster. Trusting in Him is all I have . I pray this will help someone with their burdens, because He is there waiting to take them from you.

  10. Hi Pastor Wayne besides giving me a couple of very inspiring prophecies also had a word of knowledge regarding health issues as i have fatigue and joint problems, electrolytes issues was the word of knowledge which has helped me to discover other underlying problems to get health back on track. The team always prays when I send request and I know it makes a difference when I face some things

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