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  1. My Praise report is in the revelation that the Spirit of God has reveled to me recently that the more I soak myself in the word of God, the stronger my spirit man becomes and when my Spirit man overides my flesh is when the Lord can and does meet my needs, grants the desires of my heart and more miriacles are able to come my way. Keeping what God gives us depends on believing to the core of our being that what we got from God, we got from God.

    God never takes away what he gives us, but we can let it go through lack of faith that comes through the word of God.

    This praise report may not seem like a praise report to some but it happens to be the bigest praise report I can share with you.

  2. 9/2008

    I am so thankful to God that I know the truth of who Jesus Christ is. He is so wonderful and kind. Throughout all the difficult times, He has been a light in the darknessfor me. I learned from Him, that when you stand with him, you will come under heavy persecution. People will turn away from you and they will misunderstand you. Everyone, I ever loved it seemed I lost. Why, I do not know. Except, I believe the pain of being around someone who is seen as an outcast is too much for them to bear. I have had many asassination attempts on my life for standing and contending for the truth. I learned that people hate truth because it means they will have to change and change is difficult for many of us. We would rather find other ways of hiding what we know we should be cutting loose. Really following Jesus is a long,lonely road. It is the narrow way and few find it. He says in John 15, “Without me you can do nothing”. I have now made it my life’s goal to follow in His footsteps. I have fallen many times, but I keep getting up. He is a true changer of lives of the men and women who want it. It will not be easy if you follow Him. However, the rewards it brings not only to your life but in the lives of those He allows you to touch will be immeasurable. I am going to run my race, please run yours and know He will be there every step of the way as you follow in His footsteps. All praises to the one only KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

  3. I thank the Lord for His provisions! My husband has been out of work and took side job that pay minimum but God has been so faith to meet every need and every financial problem that comes along. He keeps us all in good health and our posessions are not wearing out. Even though this has been a very long Friday I know that Sunday is on it’s way! Amen

  4. I am grateful for my job & my life today. He has been a good provider for my family. I never lacked any good things in my life because of His goodness. He always reminded me off His goodness and how he cares about some of the small things in my life. He is indeed faithful.

  5. God has taken care of myself my husband and my children. He has provided abundantly even when people are saying the economy is bad. Our church is full of people getting new jobs and raises. God is good and he is not a man that he should lie. He is teaching us how important worship is and prayer. He is drawing us nearer and nearer and the expereince has been heavenly.

  6. Raising my children in the inner city had brought its
    challenges especially as they entered the teen years.
    In 2004 my 25 year old was murdered on the streets of the inner city. Like the prodigal son, he had left home and
    got involved with street life (selling drugs on the corner to survive…) days before his death, he went to church with me and received prayer. He said he felt the weight of the world was lifted from his shoulders. At his funeral 50+ invited Jesus into their hearts and hundreds heard the gospel preached by a minister would had been delivered from the drug culture and the prison cycle. In 2006 my
    estranged husband (a backslidder) committed suicide. God kept me and my remaining children ages 24, 18, 14 and 7
    in his care. In 2007 God blessed us and moved us from the inner city into a quiet middle class neighborhood (there
    wasn’t even a firecracker heard on our 1st fourth of july there). My 24 year old decided not to move with us and one month later ended up arrested and imprisoned for entering the apartment next to his own while under the influence of estacy and making statements and gestures that led to an attempted rape charge and conviction. But thanks be to God, my 24 year old has rededicated his life back to Jesus while in prison and is in college and working. Our testimony is what the devil meant for evil, God turned around for our good. Our tragedies have drawn us closer to Christ. God did not let these tragedies destroy us. God taught us to worship our way thru the pain, the heartaches, the questions….God has placed a love in my heart for those living in the inner city and the culture there that “attacks” many young people brought up in christian homes and leads them astray. God is making my mess become my ministry.

  7. Our story is about our son Jeremy (23): Jeremy loves the Lord and upon graduation from high school he decided he wanted to go into Youth With a Mission to Newcastle, Australia (this is a great base) this base loves to work with the youth and Jeremy loved to skateboard. Jeremy returned to Alaska and did a year at the University of Alaska but he still felt compelled back to Australia. He returned in 2005/2006 to do a School of Evangelism this school did their outreach that year in Cairo, Egypt…before departing Jeremy had a tatoo placed on his chest Philippians 1:21 for me to live is Christ to die is gain. Jeremy completed his time and returned home to make more money as YWAM is self supporting and then to return in November 2007 and to be with his girlfriend/fiancee. In March my husband and i celebrated both of our birthdays and we flew Jeremy over as our gift to each other…spending time with our boy! He stayed 10 days and flew back to Australia. This Father’s day I woke Jeremy with the time difference and told him we would be out of cell range as we were going out to dinner and he should call his dad (they were best buds) which he did right away. By the time dinner for us was over and we got home we received news that Jeremy had a bad accident he and his friend Jesse were on their day off and walking along a rocky shoreline at Snapper Point in NSW when a rogue wave washed them out to sea. Jesse had been rescued but they were still searching for Jeremy. As of this date Jeremy has still not been found. I sent out an email within the next day or two to all my friends on how to pray that our hearts were knit with Australia and that we needed to support Christina through this…I had barely sent the email when I received a delayed message from Jeremy on my cell phone….”mom I couldn’t have said it better myself, Love you Jeremy” – my friend checked the message not me. The youth that Jeremy worked with decided to wear lime green armbands to his tribute with 1.21 on them. The next day one youth wore his to school and the student was able to share Jeremy’s testimony with over 30 youth as they asked what does 1.21 stand for. At a prayer service in Alaska his former high school administrator used an example for Jeremy of a kaliedscope as you looked at the kaliedescope(sp) it doesn’t look like much but when you look inside you see the beauty. We had lime green wristbands 1.21 made up for his service along with kaliedscopes that on the inside say Phil 1.21. His friends setup a web-site His father flew over to Australia for the tribute and there are some wonderful sound bites on that site. Lots of youth have been saved and lives rededicated to the Lord. There have been over 5,000 visits to the site and recently Casting Crowns was in Fairbanks and we were able to share his testimony with them bringing glory to Jesus…and the band wore his wristbands. We have a postcard with his testimony on it and recently it was translated into Spanish for a friend moving to Oxaca. The wristbands and postcards have been sent around the world and various bands have requested the information to hand out at their performances. The wristbands and information are free just email us at ( We ran a thankyou note in the Newcastle Herald, Australia thanking the community for their support (Jeremy’s story was also in the Sydney Herald reaching 4.5 million) today a mom in Australia writes, “You do not know me. My mother heard about your son Jeremy and was in shock when she read his testimony especially of his tatoo. We have been through a very traumatic experience as yourselves. We are a Christian family with two beautiful daughters who both love the Lord. In May of 05 our youngest daughter (15) was killed in a road accident out the front of our house. My husband was injured badly but has now made a full recovery. After the accident I went to my daughters room and I was shocked to find a poster she had only put up – it said To live is Christ to die is gain. Phil 1:21. Anyway, this family nows has an outreach to India telling their daughter’s story. This is all just too amazing. If we lost our son like Father God so that many could be saved so be it. Jeremy was a deep thinker and told his girlfriend before he left for Egypt…”I was wondering if I love my parents more then I do Father God”. Anyway, I hope this brings encouragement and strength to someone reading it. We would appreciate your prayers and for doors to continue to open…we are retired but do not want to sit but want to get the Word of God out and if it is through our sons testimony then so be it. We will be working on his base this winter in Australia and pray also we will be a blessing there as we find the new chapter in our life and married 30 years next week….blessings to all.

  8. My PRAISE REPORT is just about a MENS PRAYER LINE that change my life around. Every morning monday thur friday starts at 5:ooam est.1-616-347-8000, code# 224607 thanks.

  9. I have had alot of trauma in my life and I thought when I moved to Michigan it would improve since where I was at the time it was declining. I was in for the shock of my life. By no means is my walk easy even though others think it is. God told me to break off completely from my family so I could get healed. My husband didn’t understand that and I paid the price for that. Because of my family of origin and the evil it represented I had to dispose of all my belongings related to my family to break the powers over my life. I found out through the six months and two years later how bad it was. I was severely tortured with broken bones and dislocated right hip and brainwashing. I was healed of left broken toe, dislocated right hip, disformity in my left foot completely healed. Now I have two feet that are the same size. The left foot was completely different from the right foot. I had to get myself recommitted to Christ because my foundation had to be reconstructed again and that was not an easy task. My family wanted to keep my tortured past a secret and had no intention of telling me anything but now I know the truth what happened to me which was not an easy task to uncover. I can’t tell people what my issues are because it would not be received because people think I’m making this up for attention which I’m not. I find that when I have shared its been ignored so those who ignore my testimony don’t want to get to know me as a person its hard for me to handle and it happened to me so I can’t expect everyone to understand. As long as I know the truth of what happened to me that is the point. I’ve had to leave another church because they are getting abusive towards me but they managed to give me the help I needed to go on without them. I have found the proper help to get me through this and God is giving me the answers I need to continue its a long process.

  10. Anointing oil saves the mind from being overtaken by the enemy but instead empowers the anointed believer to use this act of faith to be empowered even more with the ‘act of faith’ in the Holy Spirit. I use the oil any time I sense the enemy even trying to overtake me or my loved ones. It is the promise of Jesus to save and heal us according to the deeds and words we use under His influence over the world, the devil or the flesh.
    Bless the name of Jesus who has given us so much to be blessed by to live for Him and give glory to the Father.

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