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  1. The lord has been so good to me throughout my life.I must say thank you most righteous father for providing me with food ,clothing,shelter and health.Amen

  2. The lord has really been really blessing me and i am so thankful for everything he has done and continue to thankful for shelter,water,clothes,shoes my daughter… Everything that ive prayed for the lord has blessed me with it????

  3. i praise my God for His unfailing love and grace upon my life.God grace my church is growing and life is full of blessing.thank You Lord Jesus to be with me.may peace of God be with all His people.Amen

  4. God, in His Goodness, as, only He can, continues to mature me, even to be grateful for the blessings that I have often not acknowledged before Him. i have been guilty of looking for the next “big” thing that I was waiting on God to do, but He has brought me to a place of thanking him for His goodness in the everyday blessings,ie, for health, for eyesight, for my hands and fingers, for having feet and legs, for being in this land where we have running water, where the Gospel is preached and we are not persecuted for our faith,( well not yet anyway), for shoes, clothes, for my car, mt wife, children,grandsonns, etc,.For God yet using me, even as He continues to teach me and allow me to be more sensitivr to how He sees things, and people. In short to maintain an attitude of gratitude, and I thank Our Father, for His patience, His love and kindness, to always develop our faith, and to make us / me aware of His unequaled gooness, and love for me / us. For this I am grtateful!!!

  5. The prophetic counseling was spot on.I asked for instruction and I got it! The Word set me also free to do it. Awesome. Thank You God.

  6. I asked for prophetic email counseling. The prayers touched me so so much and fitted completely into my Situation. Even words from my private prayers with God were repeated and it gave me so much hope and touched me. I am also confident that God is in my Situation because of the decrees and Blessings from this. Thank you so much! God bless you!

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