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  1. I thank God for providing for the family. We have something to eat, shelter, even though I am not working and have not been paying since January. I really thank Him for providence.
    I trust for an opportunity to be able to wipe debt, be a blessing to others in Jesus Name

  2. I asked for prayer for many things just last night amongst those things was complete healing for depression.. I’m happy to say that there had been a change I’m feeling 100 percent better.. I feel the strength to believe again. The sadness has completely gone and the thoughts pic suicide are no more. Passing God. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  3. The Lord answered our prayer to move from a city that was destroying my son’s life. He has a new beginning and is doing awesome. The Lord has provided all along the way. If there was an obstacle it was quickly taken care of. Thanks so much for praying for me and my family. Prayer absolutely works. Thank you for giving to the Lord. May he bless you emotionally, financially, mentally, and in everyway. Bless you!!


    I am sharing my website/story /testimony. God took great care of me……..gave me a vital ministry and brought my daughter back to me as well as correct a system gone wrong.
    Also last Thursday another innocent man was released in Vermont. Shane Casey. God is amazing and wonderful and sooooooooooooooooooooo faithful……..
    We are grateful…..Please share the news and Praise +

  5. a job, a super duper good job ! I sent out just a few resumes & then I got a interview, but it was not a interview really it was a meeting to let me know that if I agree to a job I have the job as “someone knows me” yay! …there were no questions & he, my new boss went on to tell me it was a union spot & the rate was 29 something a hour + benefits & also 1 a hour for rrsp starting end of July for a year + as I get both hoist & inside elevator. I got it because i I my OFA2 that ticket too was very hard & crazy stupid stuff tried to stop me from it so TY for praying for both the ticket & job this job is EXACTLY what I asked for & then some as the wage is more than usual for hoist! Location also is great its right downtown & also I have the Lord working on both my child & spouse so awesome seeing change & believing for more 🙂 excited to next brag about how the Lord brings us home/property! ty for praying shalom

  6. Pastor God bless you, i have faith in your prayers with all i have. I thank for the prayers and i believe my luck and blessing. will come and its on the way. I believe so.

  7. Dear pastor
    Thank you for your prayers for my interview and selection I started going far god was good and I could lord guiding every thing step by step praise be to jesus

  8. Lord please bless Pastor Wayne Sutton, Please bless Pastor Nyere and All others that trully serve You. Amen.

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