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  1. I thank God for being the Supreme God that He is,Thank You Lord for being there for Me All the Time.
    Thank You Lord for Your blessings, yr everlasting mercy, Thank You Lord for yr Prophets, Thank You for their patience in delivering yr word To us, Lord please Bless them. I pray for yr blessing please shower them with abundant blessings, Be with them.

  2. God Bless you for your prayer warriors! Answer to my prayer came just last week, after months of waiting on the Lord to move upon a decision for my house to be paid by the insurance company. Praise the Lord! God is Good, He answers prayers! Amen!

  3. Iwould like to say Praise the Lord, I thank him for leading me to you. The Lord has taken care of all my financial needs I praise Him ,He has blessed my family and paid off all my credit card dept and home mortgage I PRAISE HIM.

  4. I praise God,

    God delivered me from an enemy on my job. My enemy was forced out of her job position on 05/29/2015. Thank you Jesus!

  5. I will forever be praising God for His Mercies endures forever..He chose Me and He favor me. He select me and bless me. He separated from the world me and give me eternal life in Him. His grace is what I cherished. His power, promises is what I stand on. He turned my weaknesses to strength. He turned the ambush of the devil against them. He delivered me from the arrows of the wicked one. Some people sees me as a sinner, but God call me the tree of Righteousness. Great is thy faithfulness oh Lord.

  6. I have everything to thank and praise God for. He is my very life. He works miracles for me daily. My life is a miracle. The fact that I’m still alive to tell it is a miracle. He is my Lord, he is my strength, my Provider. But most of all He is my best Friend and He is always here. He has shown me what it is to truly walk in His presence and He has shown me His Glory!!!!! I am blessed beyond measure and I am grateful and thankful to Him Jesus The Christ who is King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords. He is worthy of the highest of all praises. We need nothing else. He is all you need.

  7. I thank and praise God for loving me so much, He is always there for me in all stitituations. I thank Him for my daughter and more especially for calling by name and out of this artificial worldly life. Like Paul, all I thought worthy has become meaningless for Gods sake. Praise Him over and over Alleluia . Amen

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