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  1. God woke me up to my wonderful family. God loves me from day to day. God has and will be good to me in every way. I love and thank God

  2. God has set me free from multiple chemical sensitivity disorder. I can now enter public places for a long enough time to complete my work assignments, and that’s a good thing since I work as a journalist! Praise God!!!

  3. I have been truly blessed in the last 2 months financially.
    And the Lord has blessed my wonderful family causing all of us to have work. In my extended family we’ve drawn closer together. Many blessings Pastor Wayne and to your team. I am truly thankful.

  4. Oh yes, to add to the former testimony, what I meant by Wayne’s prophecy of opportunity from China and Taiwan is like the law of entropy applied economically. Because of previous trade bans and certain whole sector bans of trading between Taiwan and China there will certainly be sectors of profit diffusion (just like air molecules diffusing in a jar) where Taiwan and China sell into each others’ land far more than they used to. I hope all ye people who have eyes to see cash in on this like I do. Goodbye bros of

  5. Amen folks it is Simon checking in again and once again Wayne has heard about the coming unity of Taiwan and China for me. Although I am more inclined to split Chinese soft power because I am warring against them I am glad for my internet warrior friends that once served with me before China betrayed me and pissed me off completely that they have their wish, whether or not America’s axis will still be the enemy at the time. Special thanks to Lord Jesus Christ for being honest and not pushy like the melodramatic forgiveness preachers. As the angels know I would have destroyed the bunch in two craps with my awesome powers if not for the false prophet jumping out in surprise and latching my cash away with false sowing promises. Too much slanted flame-as the Chinese general Luo Yan would say-from Satan’s remnant. And yes-opportunity to cash in admist forgiveness, integration and unity-I’m glad God reminded me of this. This is great economic fishing for me. For all you strategists out there you better watch the times and hitch the ride too. Just proves my old point that God has something for everybody-it’s not like the churches say you have to do this then this then that. See I am also right when I tell you if you ask God for some strategic direction any money spent on the prophet is a stream of piss compared to that. If you don’t forgive and The Lord don’t strike you can still eat off their backs. This will surely be important for world harmony and technology and once again to shove my face away from the fray and reap profits from the sidelines both in soft power and monetary force and technological marvelry. Special thanks to Wayne for praying for me more than I know. Not because I advertise him all the time but because you guys have no idea how mental I am. I must be speaking into empty air when I say you folks are gonna believe prophets exist one day one I have enough money and force to advertise this guy in big places instead of prayer forums and stuff-and as it is that way for form not important, only substance important, and also because the most dedicated people like the Martial Arts Tournament Announcer from Dragon Ball speaks into empty air when people leave too. I am going to tell the Christian world that prophets exist and one day I’m going to prove you all wrong and show you they’re useful. You churches that day The Lord gives me a stage do you think I would not reveal how you money filled pastors and negligent beaureaucracies pushed them to the sidelines and act stupid while your congregation is starving? Mark my words I will let both heaven and earth and hell hear how you have exorcised my friends away for false coolness and fun. Idiots kill seals for fun and people gasp, but you people hide a gold rush from your starving brothers! The people who make gutter oil in China are not like you! Fus Roh Dah! I will re-ig-nite!

  6. I ask u to pray for my grads Mario who had to take a test today, They wanted to put him n a special Ed. class. He took the test and made a 1 because he couldn’t comprehend what he was reading. Well he took the test on this day April 16th and scored 480 above the normal score. He had to score 330. Thanks for your prayers. I know God is going to do it for my other grandson Darius who smokes and don’t want to finish school. For Brandon n Patrick also. God is so good to me n my family. Thank u for the prayers. Please continue to pray for the other ones.God bless you all.

  7. Amen pastor Wayne is the real deal once again proving himself with the accuracy of his words according to him he saw me with a machine gun and ammo spilling blood on a beach like the badass motherfuckers did to zombies in Resident Evil and of course that is very true for my period of life I cannot help but say his prophecies are always magnificently accurate-I have been praying a lot and very fast lately-including picking off international rich dude’s lists, celebrities and youtubers by the list. God saw a lot of it plus the geopolitical events I was manipulating. I have never seen a single soul who had to test him over twice to believe he is real prophet and these praise reports are really real time and no trolls hired. Lately I’ve been fishing customers every two hours or so from Joel Osteen’s internet prayer thread to come try out this guy and as I’ve said and I’ll say it again people you might laugh mighty skeptic audience but this guy’s gonna be big deal one day and when he’s saturated and charges $147 you hard nosed skeptics on Reddit, megachurches, and traitorous lukewarm friends and acquaintances are all gonna see him famous and I’m gonna say what did I tell you now maybe he charge $147 per prophecy. lmao. Just wanna tell you something people because this guy is an objective listener he’s quite good for testing what God has to say objectively. Sometimes a lot of you prophetic people hear different things on fb such as “god don’t give until you rejoice” or “God is angry with you” or a lot of stuff and they all do a lot of miracles so you want somebody more objective and more miraculous to listen in and I’m telling you THIS GUY’S GOD can prove to you he’s God first of all by revealing accurate stuff and then tell you what he thinks about you in the moment. And when I was doubting my old prophetic teacher’s first prophetic word to me I used Wayne to check and it was all true.

  8. I,just want to say that the prophetic word for today April 13, 2015 was I Am. Praise God because, it was a part of my Daily devotion this morning in a song ,I, was listening to called I AM how great is our Holy Spirit. Sweet Jesus The Father and precious Angels of the Lord our God amen amen! Gods love and grace to All! Bless your Holy Lord WOW WOW!

  9. The Lord blessed me and my husband both with new jobs this week!!!! My husband was completely out of work, but I had a job that was absolutely a nightmare to go to. I would even (half) jokingly say, “I’m headed to Sodom” when I left for work. The people were so mean! But thanks be to God, my new place is a Christian environment, the people are nice, and the work is not back breaking.

  10. People this guy is the real deal not just prophetically but as a brother. When I’m under family abuse you have no idea how much shit I threw at him with all these prayer requests and calling out for God to come and chop my head off etc as well as begging him for some money etc. But this guy never mentions these awkward things because he is man of big heart. But now life is getting better and when this guy says something comes from God you can feel it and live it because it fits your strategic direction. What I want to say as a fallen strategist who The Lord has taken and sent to training is that you can trust Wayne what he preaches because he’s lived out the life and had more than enough.Especially in the area of strategics, Wayne is not afraid to listen in-unlike so many prophets and prophetesses who would never even attempt it, or even if they would, are too dumb to be bothered. Harsh but true. Elsewhere you’ve got all these uptight prophetesses who like to hype people up and vary their “God restores blessings” anywhere from twofold, barely recovery, to 1000 fold. How can you take them seriously when they boast to the skies of provision by grace alone and then say you need to prove yourself and get promotion before the next itsy bitsy anointing or receival? They can preach about protection but come to claim Satan comes to rape them and he looks like Darth Maul (not convenient to name the prophetess). And the ones preaching prosperity are in their thirties to fifties living on 3 to 4 digit account sums. I’m gonna say that in the area of strategics, you gotta listen to an accountable man who makes theories about what could go wrong, what could go right, and who listens to God in this area once a while. And yes guys I’m not ashamed to say God and this man does listen and give tips on strategics in health and finances because we’re lacking that. Even if we hear into it once two weeks it would be nothing compared to scripture reading or sermons for most people. That’s a huge advantage and with businesses himself and hugely successful personal philosophy, connections, and philosophy from God Pastor Wayne is a well constructed establishment in the strategics field. Having experienced a lot of prophecy I’d recommend a personal prophet like Wayne because other prophets recommend a lot of word meditation while Wayne has many times just heard investment advice and pulled the guy out of the situation so he could actually have money to help himself or others. He’s also very stable in doctrine. A lot of nice prophetesses would go from ultra kind to “fire and brimstone” to guilt tripping depending on which sin was most sensitive to them etc, and for those that attend the major prophetic forums on fb like Prophetic Maturity and Prophecy Group, I would recommend them try here too because sometimes there’s drama there (as with anywhere else-not picking on anyone) and it might be awkward talking to guys on Fb. So you see an independent site like this is pretty good and peace inducing when you can order a prophecy and each be left to their own. It’s good that Wayne can actually hear strategic futures and/or tips because sometimes you’re guilty for not “pressing in to The Lord” and “expecting to hear” as much and bearing prophetic fruit in your listening. Sometimes you might feel like an asshole like I often do so you put the Paypal instructions and ask God to tell something strategic so you could earn a few bucks and help everybody else if anything otherwise the money is barely a trickle compared to the returns. Now people I recommend you order a prophecy while you still have the chance because I posted him and my testimony, giving cash, incentive, reason (threat of publication and business death if I scam)for people to test this prophet. I mailed knowledge of this website to nearly a dozen Christian celebrities all with persuasive convincing material so we should see brother Wayne becoming famous. People are hard hearted these days but you’re still made of flesh and bone. Order a prophecy before his load is overfilled. Amen.

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